Community Projects

On this page you will find a group of projects that are designed in order to engage residents to come together and interact. We are trying new ideas and thoughts until we find something that you really like. Please provide us with your valuable feedback and let us know what you want.


Artisan Recipes

Recipes from our residents to everybody willing to try them. Please share your delicious recipes for all to enjoy.

Share A Book With Your Neighbours

Once you complete reading a book, it stays on your shelf and eventually gets forgotten. Some readers read the book twice or more and then keep the book away. What they can possibly do is, share the book with other readers, neighbours or friends. A cycle of exchange can keep the book alive forever.

One of the reasons that hinder this book sharing is the hassle you have to go through to find an interested reader. For that reason we have created this page on our website where you can list the books that you want to share as well as reserve the books that you would like to read.

Gardening Group

Contact Curnock Street TRA for more information. The link for the club can be found here.


Residents’ Support

This experimental project is designed so residents can submit their enquiries to us via an online system.