Heating Works

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What are the Heating Works?

A brief summary of the Heating Works included in this contract:

• Below ground pre-insulated pipework
• Replacement of District Heating pipework in Public & Private car parks
• Installation of thermostatic & lockshield radiator valves and associated works
• Supply & installation of 2 no. 8000 litre Cold Water Storage tanks and associated pipework
• Boiler room air intake fan system
• Supply & install high level acoustic louvre, acoustic enclosure to Boiler ventilation and steel doors and blanking plates to boiler room
• Builderswork, redecorations and removal of redundant heating pipework
• Temporary lighting to tank room: Electrical installation to air intake fans in boiler room, incl. wiring to controller
• Calorifiers; remove existing and replace with 4 new

Notice of Intent to carry out heating works

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NOTICE OF INTENT: to Carry Out Heating Work to Curnock Estate