Reported Repairs

Here you will find a list with all the repairs reported to the Repairs Team by us.

2021-11-16FIXED REF: 2942764/1 – Both Communal Doors in Goldthorpe.

2021-11-16FIXED – E-CASE: Th7iBB, E-TICKET: hYd38q – Both Communal Doors in Goldthorpe.

2021-11-16FIXED – REF: 2943039/1 – Work reference Number for the above job with the contractor – Apha Track (01279 630400). They promised to attend Fri 19-11-2021 between 13:00 and 18:00. Apparently they came for the first time on Friday 19-11-2021 and they said that there is no electricity so they passed the repair to Open View. OpenView stated that they do not have access to an intake room and they done nothing. Read more here

2021-11-15FIXED  – E-CASE: SaBl3q, E-TICKET: XxN2Rk – Lights above communal entrance in Warmsworth and Street Light Number 21

2021-11-20FIXED  – REF: 2944773/1 – Corner Building light on Goldthorpe near the patio of Flat 34 Goldthorpe

2021-11-22FIXED  – REF: 2945137/1 – Communal light above Mexborough building’s main entrance

2021-11-22FIXED  – REF: 2945138/1 – Building corner light in Darfied facing Mexborough and near the patio of Flat 1 Darfield