LFB Covers (2021)


An LFB security device to be fitted on all 13 communal entrance doors on the estate to prevent the use of the usual LFB key which can be bought cheaply online. This will prevent unauthorised access by non-residents who engage in ASB activities.


Anti-social behaviour, especially involving drug taking and dealing, and violent arguments (often in the middle of the night), continues to be a major problem affecting residents’ wellbeing and security in the Curnock estate. This is particularly restrictive and intimidating for elderly and vulnerable residents. A lot of them have even stopped going out or socialising for fear of meeting ASB elements, which has affected their mental health. Dealers and users have being getting into blocks, in spite of the security doors, by using LFB keys (easily available on the internet) to open the communal entrance doors and abuse the communal areas for ASB activities, leaving behind them drug paraphernalia and rubbish.

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