Security Gates 2018


The Curnock Street Estate is an open estate with many exits and open space. While this flexibility is important for the residents and their visitors, the council in coordination with the Curnock Street TRA and the residents’ approval decided to close the path between Barnborough and Goldthorpe.


The main reason for the installation of the new gates is the reduction of the ASB inside the estate and especially on the path between those two buildings. Many non residents have used that path for ASB because it is hidden from the main road and allow them to escape via four different routes. By closing this path will discourage the non residents from visiting the estate. If they do visit then they will have to pass in front of the CCTV cameras in which case the police and the Responsive Security Patrol will have some evidence/intelligence.

The gates will be closed and residents will not have access to those gates. However, if the situation on the estate
improves then we will request the gates to be unlocked.

Relevant Documents

Documents for DMC Bid

  1. Security Fencing DMC Application
  2. Quotation No. MDPQ 03782
  3. Police Supporting Letter

Documents for Planning Application 2019/0733/p

  1. 20190733P – Location of the gates
  2. 20190733P – 1 x Response – Metropolitan Police
  3. 20190733P – Councils Own Development Form
  4. 20190733P – Application Form (Redacted)
  5. 20190733P – Position 3 – Gates & Railings Elevation (Warmsworth Building & Open Space)
  6. 20190733P – Position 3 -Site Plan – Gates & Railings (Warmsworth Building & Open Space)
  7. 20190733P – Position 2 – Gates & Railings Side Elevation (Barnborough & Goldthorpe Builidngs)
  8. 20190733P – Position 2 – Site Plan – Gates & Railings (Barnborough & Goldthorpe Builidngs)
  9. 20190733P – Position 1 – Gates & Railings Side Elevations (Goldthorpe & Barnboroug Builidngs)
  10. 20190733P – Position 1 – Site Plan – Gates & Railings (Goldthorpe & Barnboroug Builidngs)
  11. 20190733P – Block Plan
  12. 20190733P – Site Location Plan
  13. 20190733P – 1 X Response
  14. Constraints

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