Integrated Receiving System


What is an IRS System?

An IRS system stand for integrated receiving system. An IRS system is the means for satellite, TV aerial and Radio aerial signals to be passed to multiple points.

A Communal aerial and satellite IRS System is often the most flexible type of system to use for communal aerial and satellite systems and empowers the end user to choose what they wish to watch or listen to.

It provides the ‘means’ to be able to receive all of these signals. Only the means. For example, if a tenant wanted to receive Sky digital, then they would need to subscribe to Sky themselves and get a Sky Digital box also themselves.

The signals will be present for the tenant to connect up to, without the need to go on to the roof.

For more information about the proposed works, please read the following documents and stories.

Relevant Documents

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– FAQ: IRS FAQs October 2009

– REPORT: Item 08 Investing in Camdens Homes Year 2 and 3 Decent Homes Schemes

– REPORT: Item 07 Integrated Reception Systems HASC 2008 28 – Executive Member for Homes & Housing Strategy

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