Major Works on Curnock Street Estate


Why planting?

Anti-social behaviour, especially involving drug taking and dealing, and arguments in the communal areas are events that affect the residents lives. Non residents are using the communal areas for loitering, ASB and other activities that are not acceptable.

In conjunction with Camden Council, Curnock Street TRA has requested from the Ground Maintenance to help them to reduce ASB by planting such plants that will deter people for sitting on the communal areas or hide things.



Why installing the LFB Covers?

Anti-social behaviour, especially involving drug taking and dealing, and arguments (often in the middle of the night), continues to be a problem affecting residents’ wellbeing and security in the Curnock estate. This is particularly restrictive and intimidating for elderly and vulnerable residents. A lot of them have even stopped going out or socialising for fear of meeting ASB elements, which has affected their mental health. Dealers and users have being getting into blocks, in spite of the security doors, by using LFB keys (easily available on the internet) to open the communal entrance doors and abuse the communal areas for ASB activities, leaving behind them drug paraphernalia and rubbish.



Why installing the new gates?

The Curnock Street Estate is an open estate with many exits and open space. While this flexibility is important for the residents and their visitors, the council in coordination with the Curnock Street TRA and the residents’ approval decided to close the path between Barnborough and Goldthorpe.

The main reason for the installation of the new gates is the reduction of the ASB inside the estate and especially on the path between those two buildings. Many non residents have used that path for ASB because it is hidden from the main road and allow them to escape via four different routes.

By closing this path will discourage the non residents from visiting the estate. If they do visit then they will have to pass in front of the CCTV cameras in which case the police and the Responsive Security Patrol will have some evidence/intelligence. The gates will be closed and residents will not have access to those gates. However, if the situation on the estate improves then we will request the gates to be unlocked.


What is the purpose of the new housing for the bins?

The residents of the Mexborough building have to deal with many problems regarding the inappropriate disposal of rubbish outside their building. Some businesses are using the bins to dispose their own rubbish while non residents and homeless people are searching the rubbish for anything valuable by opening all the bin bags.

The new housing for the waste and recycle bins will prevent people for accessing the bin bags as well as improve the appearance of the communal area.


What are the Boiler Refurbishment and Associated Works?

The reasons for the works are that the boilers and plant room equipment in the boiler house have reached the end of their useful life. This is supported by the high levels of breakdowns, extent of repairs and the options Appraisal that was undertaken earlier this year. Last financial year (2011/12), maintenance costs were £43,000 (£150 per dwelling). This figure is expected to rise significantly unless a major refurbishment of the heating scheme is completed.


What are the Water Tank Repairs/Replacement Works?

Description of Proposed works
Water Tank Repairs/Replacement and all Associated Works

Reasons for Proposal

The existing tanks are in a very poor condition


What are the Gas Supply Works?

National Grid needs to replace the existing gas main within the car park area of the estate and install a new external /internal gas supplies within your property.

Where the gas supply is run on the outside of the building it will be painted black on the vertical runs and white on the horizontal pipe runs, The pipe in the Car Park areas will be painted black and colour banded as conveying gas.

The works will be commencing on site on Monday 31st January 2011 ,the works is provisionally planned to take ten weeks to complete.

Your existing gas supply will need to be transferred to the new supply and your gas meter will be moved to an external meter box, if you live on the ground floor of the above four blocks. The gas meter will remain in the same position for the other Premises. There will be a short interruption to your supply over this period.

HEATING WORKS (2010-2011)

What are the Heating Works?

A brief summary of the Heating Works included in this contract:

• Below ground pre-insulated pipework
• Replacement of District Heating pipework in Public & Private car parks
• Installation of thermostatic & lock shield radiator valves and associated works
• Supply & installation of 2 no. 8000 litre Cold Water Storage tanks and associated pipework
• Boiler room air intake fan system
• Supply & install high level acoustic louvre, acoustic enclosure to Boiler ventilation and steel doors and blanking plates to boiler room
• Builderswork, redecorations and removal of redundant heating pipework
• Temporary lighting to tank room: Electrical installation to air intake fans in boiler room, incl. wiring to controller
• Calorifiers; remove existing and replace with 4 new

IRS SYSTEM (2010-2011)


What is an IRS System?

An IRS system stand for integrated receiving system. An IRS system is the means for satellite, TV aerial and Radio aerial signals to be passed to multiple points.

A Communal aerial and satellite IRS System is often the most flexible type of system to use for communal aerial and satellite systems and empowers the end user to choose what they wish to watch or listen to.

It provides the ‘means’ to be able to receive all of these signals. Only the means. For example, if a tenant wanted to receive Sky digital, then they would need to subscribe to Sky themselves and get a Sky Digital box also themselves.

The signals will be present for the tenant to connect up to, without the need to go on to the roof.

For more information about the proposed works, please read the following documents and stories.


What kind of works will take place?

The installation of replacement windows, balcony screens, external doors to bin room, garden fences entrance doors and door entry/security system to blocks as the Curnock Street Estate, as shown by drawing numbers LBB0144/001, LBB0144/002, LBB/0144/003, LBB0144/004 & LBB/0144/005.


What kind of works will take place?

Those works were related to the fencing of the whole estate as well as some other security around the blocks.

This project was rejected by the residents and has never been implemented.