Boiler House Refurbishment 2013-14

Notice Of Intent to carry out Boiler Refurbishment and Associated Works 2012

What are the Boiler Refurbishment and Associated Works?

Reasons for Proposal

The reasons for the works are that the boilers and plant room equipment in the boiler house have reached the end of their useful life. This is supported by the high levels of breakdowns, extent of repairs and the options Appraisal that was undertaken earlier this year. Last financial year (2011/12), maintenance costs were £43,000 (£150 per dwelling). This figure is expected to rise significantly unless a major refurbishment of the heating scheme is completed.

Description of Proposed works

– Remove & dispose of all redundant plant and equipment
Supply and fit boiler plant to provide LTHW heating & HWS Plant to provide up to 4000 kW output and consist of:

– 3 Nr. Shell & tube type boilers [lead boiler to be condensing] complete with gas forced draught burners.
– Pumps, to be duty/standby complete with nonreturn valves, strainers, flexible connections and anti-vibration mounts
– Adequately sized Plate Heat exchanger/s
– Pressurization unit with expansion vessel/spill tank.
– Isolation, regulation and control valves including actuators
– Flow measuring devices, temperature & pressure gauges
– Heavy grade steel pipework, welded & flanged or screwed with unions, allow for all connections to equipment and existing.
– Note gas carcass must be sized such that gas boosters are not required All water pipework to have the appropriate insulation and fitted with aluminium cladding.
– Gas safety system complete with main solenoid valve [energised open], electrothermal links/gas detection sensors sited above each burner & panic buttons sited at each entrance. Control panel, all controls and wiring.
– Note Trend controller to be capable of remote communication/fault alarm with both partners.
– Complete flue system, allow for stainless steel twinwall flue within the plant room area and single skin stainless steel flue within a chimney. [Assume 10m high]
– Allow for associated builders work, cutting of holes & chases, removal of spoil/debris, setting of bases etc.
– Allow for all filling flushing, dosing, testing, setting into operation and commissioning including all witness tests and certification.

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