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Heating System Replacement – Phase 2

Heating System Replacement - Phase 2 The following letter was sent to the residents of the Curnock Street Estate. The original document can be found on this link.

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Date: 2th May 2013

Dear Resident,

Curnock Street Estate or York or Bucklebury – Heating system replacement – Phase 2

Further to our recent ‘Meet the contractor’ meeting, where we presented the contractor who will be carrying out the above works on your Estate.

I am happy to confirm that the contract will be commencing within the next 2 weeks in accordance with the outline programme, provided at the meeting.

Please note, this is the general programme, relating to the communal elements of the work, surveys, asbestos inspections and any infrastructure modifications. In regard to the specific programme details as they relate to your particular property, these will be provided well in advance of the requirement to enter you home.

Please be aware that in addition to the programme, further information will be provided in relation to the progress of the contract both before and during the contract works.

We look forward to your cooperation and assistance in allowing us to carry out the works in accordance with the programme and with a minimum amount of disruption to you.

Should you need to discuss any aspects of the scheme works with the contractor on site, the major partner contractor or the Camden contract managers, please feel free to do so via the communication channels that will be in place for your use.

We look forward to working with you on this scheme.

Yours sincerely

Mike Fegredo
Contract Manager

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