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No heating in some blocks

For the last few days, many blocks on our estate seem to be without heating and/or hot water. The problem is fixed for a few hours and then the service is off again.

We will try to provide updates as soon as we receive them.


08th December 2023

We have received the following email from John Stow:

… I wanted to provide you with an update on the information you requested in your email last Wednesday, particularly in light of the cold snap experienced over the weekend.

Due to the ongoing situation at Curnock and concerns about the potential impact of the recent recommissioning of the heating controls on the service, we had no alternative but to instruct Gem yesterday to override the control functions and leave the system running at full capacity 24 hours a day.

It’s important to note that this is a temporary solution. We anticipate that, once we’ve fully integrated the system, we can assess whether the new controls regime proposed by Gem is contributing to the issues residents are facing. Additionally, my colleague Michel Capper is planning to speak with both colleagues Sim and Nigel (energy managers) this morning to gather reports from the system and determine if any seasonal adjustments are necessary.

I appreciate your understanding and whereby either Michael or I will keep you updated on any developments.

Thank you

John Stow

Mechanical and Electrical Operations Manager

06th January 2024

Matthew Lee from GEM reported: “ … there is an issue with the inverter running the heating pumps for zone 2, our engineer swapped the inverter over with the other one on site, this was also faulty, I have spoken to our pump specialists,  and he will be on site tomorrow morning to address the issue. Our engineer is also on-site to supply fan heaters as required, I have received Michael Capper number and will give him an update.

07th January 2024

  1. The residents have been told by one engineer that whoever did the repair job last Thursday created more problems and worsened the situation.
  2. Also, residents have been told that no more calls will be made for heating repairs regarding our estate!!!

Current Status at 18:40 is:

  • Blocks with heating: Darfield, Thurnscoe, Billingley
  • Blocks without heating: Hickleton ,Barnborough, Goldthorpe, Warmsworth, The Marr, Mexborough, Ravenscar
  • Unknown at this point: Connsiborough, Trimdon

Matthew Lee reported to us at 18:15 that: “Our engineers were in attendance today, trying to rectify the issue, we had tried everything we could,  I find it strange, someone has informed you we were not on site, as I have been in communication with all our engineers from the time of commencement.  We are currently carrying out letter drops to the blocks affected, and our engineers are still present at the estate delivering fan heaters.”

At 18:28 we asked him the following: “Do you know which blocks do not have heating and the timeframe for repairing the problem?

At 18:42 he replied with this:

The blocks affected are only on zone 2: Hicklerton, Warmsworth, Mexborough. We are regularly checking the other boiler’s and have not encountered issues with them. The affected blocks will be addressed as a priority and passed to the day crews tomorrow. A programme will follow from then.

Regards, Matt Lee

At 22:08 we replied with the following message:

Hi Matt,

Thanks for the update.

First of all, I am living in Godthorpe and there is no heating but do have hot water in the taps.

My neighbours who have contacted me this evening have also reported that they have no heating in the following blocks:

Current Status:

  • Blocks with heating: Darfield, Thurnscoe, Billingley
  • Blocks without heating: Hickleton ,Barnborough, Goldthorpe, Warmsworth, The Marr, Mexborough, Ravenscar
  • Unknown at this point: Connsiborough, Trimdon

Please clarify your sources of information because there seems to be a conflict of information. Also, please keep in mind that Camden Council’s Repairs Team are not accepting further calls regarding the Curnock Street Estate heating. So how can residents contact you to update you about the situation?

At 22:23, we received the following message:

“Good evening,

I have received the information from our engineers in the field. 

I have attached pictures showing the operational boilers running at temperature.

We have letter dropped, with contact details and engineers are deploying fan heaters to residents. 

I will forward your information to our team, who will attend, this issue is of high priority and being addressed.


Matthew Lee”









At 22:33 we received the following message:

Hi Matt,

I appreciate your prompt response.

However, the reality of the situation is that something must be horribly wrong on the system’s configuration because I am living exactly above the boilers and all my radiators are cold.

Could you please investigate the pumps or whatever equipment might affect the situation?

Thanks again.

08th January 2024

At 15:09 we received the following message:


I am writing update you on the current situation with the heating. We currently have a replacement pump being couriered to site which will be fitted today and restore heating to the affected.

I have visited the site this morning and met with LBC M+E Team officers. We can confirm the below is accurate.

The following properties have hot water but no heating until this repair is completed.

  • Barnborough 1-22
  • Hickleton 1- 20
  • Warmsworth 1-18
  • The Marr 1-10

The rest of the estate has heating and hot water being supplied to their blocks and so if anyone is experiencing a problem it is likely to be an individual issue within the property.

  • Mexborough 1 – 66 
  • Darfield 1 – 18 
  • Goldthorpe 1 – 34 
  • Ravenscar 1 – 18 
  • Billingley 1-18
  • Thurnscoe 1- 18  
  • Trimdon 1 – 32 
  • Coinsborough 1– 9 

Many Thanks,

Alex Lloyd”

09th January 2024

At 15:21 we received the following message:

“Good Afternoon All

I have just returned from the Curnock estate, the pump specialists are on site and inadvertently isolate all plant whist renewing some pump seals

Please accept our apologise. All plant is now up and working and GEM operatives remaining onsite to ensure that there is good service across the estate.

Thank you

John Brooks  
Mechanical Manager
Supporting Communities
London Borough of Camden”

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