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Council’s Excuses

We received the following email from Camden Council:

Dear all,

Thank you for the emails from Chair of Curnock Street TRA and the Councillors. In regards to the concerns, I have been on site and met with the contractor and discussed theses.

The mesh is used to prevent the gates from being climbable – which was agreed to be used by Jim Cope (met-police). The mesh is secure and not flimsy. You would need angle grinder to cut open cannot be done with normal cutters or by kicking it. This is as per plans that were approved by planning – securifor 358 mesh. Please find attached designs and proposals for the works here to the Curnock Estate – and planning application approval.

I can confirm the gates and materials used are fit for purpose and not sub-standard quality.

Initially the gaps were a concern to me too, but I can confirm that they are to be closed off with secure metal panels so that there are no large openings.

That the works to the installation of the three gates will be finished by close of play Monday. There may be some smaller gaps less than 70ml but this will not allow anyone to get through. Please allow the works to be completed, and if there any further concerns thereafter I’ll be happy to address them. I will send pictures of the completed gates to all and I’m happy if anyone wishes to visit the site.

Please remember these gates on this estate are a preventative measure. To completely stop or allow anti-social behaviour would have  to be managed on any Estate by regular patrol. From a repairs perspective the installation of the gates to these three locations is what was agreed and is valuable.

Kind regards,

Harshad Pankhania
Contract Manager

Telephone: 020 7974 3822

One Comment

  1. We actually agree with Camden council that the mesh used will prevent the gates from being climbable, as soon as we saw the mesh on the gates we were extremely HAPPY as this WILL prevent people climbing up/over it. The mesh is very strong and not flimsy.
    It’s so much better with the gates up out side our home on Barnbrough, but we are seeing a number of people using Goldthorpe to walk through where the chimney is and climbing over the fencing above the boiler room. Could we please fence that part off to prevent this as we can see this becoming a bigger problem. This has already been done on other blocks on the estate.
    Thank you