All Residents, Refuse

Penalties for Fly-tipping

Further to our previous story about fly-tipping on our estate from the local businesses and street properties, we are happy to announce that our campaign has managed to make the council more active. Ms Bronagh Todd has just informed us that:

Upon investigation one bins located in front of Mexborough had 3x blacks bags and some boxes inside , we were able to ascertain which business the waste originated from, the business will be receiving a fixed  Penalty notice under section 33za of the environmental protection act 1990 (£400 reduced to £200 if paid in 14 days)

We also made note of all other business on the street and will be following up with Section 34 notices to each business, this is to establish weather or not they are disposing of their waste in the correct manner, if they fail to provide the documents requested they will also be issued with a fixed Penalty notice under section 34 of the environmental protection act 1990.(£300 reduced to £180 if paid in 14 days)

Thanks to all the residents who have provided us with evidence and support on this matter.

We also want to help our great caretakers for their excellent service they provide.

UPDATE 22-12-2021

The caretakers supervisor has informed us that: “Flat xxx Camden street will be receiving a FPN notice after Christmas for fly tipping their rubbish outside the bulk container. Just wanted to keep you updated on this.”