All Residents, Refuse

Cleaner Estate Initiative

Curnock Street TRA has started a volunteering initiative for a cleaner estate, safer and more welcoming for all our residents. If you have some spare time and you would like to help please get in touch with the Curnock Street TRA by using this form.

The initiative started yesterday, 25th June 2022, with one volunteer and continued today. We aim to engage as many residents as possible, in order to keep the areas around our homes cleaner and safer for all to enjoy.

The first day was focused on the areas between Warmsworth, Barnborough and Goldthorpe that have been cleaned on Saturday morning. One bin bags of rubbish have been removed. Among the rubbish were needles and syringes which have been reported to the police and the council.


The second day was focused on the playing area between Mexborough, Darfield and Goldthorpe. Volunteers retrieve a full bin bag of rubbish. As you can see from the photos below the situation was far from ideal. There were many empty plastic bottles, food containers, batteries, broken bottles, empty glasses, etc






After the cleaning the estate is in much better state:

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