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Leaseholders Meeting On 06th April 2001

Camden Town DHO Closure The following letter was sent to the leaseholders of the Curnock Estate. The original document can be found on this link.

Curnock Street Estate Leaseholder Meeting

6 April 2001, Commenced 7:30pm at The Marr

Good attendance, approx. 28 leaseholders. Much appreciated.

Chair: Bill Peck


1) Votes on the security of the outer perimeter of the estate was carried overwhelmingly as our top security priority.

The leasholders felt that security must start at the entrances and exit gates, protected by cameras to catch vandals and undesirables with evidence that could be acted upon.

2) Inner security issue was also voted by a great majority that the ‘inner blocks’ (those in the centre of the estate) should be allowed to come to their own decision on this security,m as they will be most affected by it.

3) The chair also asked leaseholders for their co-operation in distributing a questionnaire to all residents. Again, this was strongly voted in favour.

4) We hope to have consultation with the tenants association as we feel that all the residents of the estate should work as one.

5) Tighter security on the residents’ garages was voted in favour. Note: Blocks with garages underneath them should get a breakdown of the cost to their block from home ownership. One resident from Goldthorpe who received such a breakdown discovered that new grilles for the privately run garages under Goldthorpe were being billed for. Leaseholders believe that this should come out of the revenue and sources of the people who run the garages, or the council, but not from leaseholders as this garage is a public parking area.

6) The leaseholders feel that the charges levied against them for boiler maintenance should be challenged. Leaseholders believe that this is incorporated into the service charge for heating and hot water, under maintenance and upgrades. Note: To challenge these charge, write to:

Phillip Le-Grange
Home Ownership Service
Capitol Work Group
28-30 Theobalds Road

Meeting ended 8:45pm

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