All Residents, Refuse

Rubbish Disposal Letter

Camden Town Hall
Judd Street
Mobile: 07958240552

Date: 14th February 2018

Your Reference:
Our Reference:
Enquiries to: Gary Nicholls

All residents
Curnock Estate NW1

Dear Resident


I previously wrote to all residents of the block on January 9th 2018. In that letter I informed residents of the Councils intentions to permanently close both internal refuse room in the block and the reasons why the refuse rooms were to be closed. I also confirmed where residents could dispose of their refuse bags.

This morning and on several mornings prior, large refuse bag have been found on the floor in the main entrance outside the closed refuse room.

Disposing of your refuse bags in this manner is considered anti-social behaviour and a breach of your tenancy conditions. By leaving your refuse bags on the floor you are encouraging vermin such as Mice, Rats and cockroaches into the block.

I would ask that you refrain from dumping your refuse bags in this manner and ensure you dispose of all your refuse bags in the appropriate manner by using the large green bins on the estate. Your nearest green bins are located at the front and rear of the block just a short walk from the block entrance door.

Any evidence found will be handed to your Housing Office and a request made for further action to be taken in line with breaching tenancy conditions.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Yours sincerely

Gary Nicholls
Estate Services Supervisor


See the original letter below:

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