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Review of Housing Caretaking Services 2001

Review of Housing Caretaking Services 2001

The following letter was sent to the residents of the Curnock Estate.

The original document can be found on this link.


Tom Hogan
Best Value Co-ordinator
Room 323
Bidborough House
20 Mabledon Place
London WC1H 9BF

Tel: 020 7974 3070

August 2001

Dear Sir/Madam

Review of Housing Caretaking Services 2001

Camden is carrying out a survey of the Council’s estates and blocks over the next few months to look at the caretaking needs of every block in the Borough. The aim of this Survey is to measure all the work currently carried out by caretakers within the Borough, on a block by block basis, as part of providing “Best Value” to its customers.

Dr. Alf Fitzgeorge-Butler will be co-ordinating this survey on behalf of Camden. He and his colleagues will be visiting every Council owned block and for security reasons will also wear photo-identity passes.

The work will involve the following:

• Caretakers completing a time log of all their activities
• Drawing up average times and costs for each caretaking activity
• Consulting with residents on their views through a short questionnaire and via their resident’ association, if they have one
• Informing residents of the costs of the caretaking service to decide which tasks are most important for the residents in each block
• Making recommendations about how the Council can make best use of its caretaking resources, taking the views of residents into account, and the level of charges for leaseholders

If you have any comments about this exercise in general you should contact, Tom Hogan, Best Value Co-ordinator, Room 323 Bidborough House, 20 Mabledon Place, WC1H 9BF or

Enquiries about the survey in your area should be made to your District Housing Office and your Patch Manager in charge of the Caretaking service.

Yours Sincerely,

Tom Hogan
Best Value Co-ordinator

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