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Seaction 20 Notice – External Repairs and Decorations

Seaction 20 Notice - External Repairs and Decorations The following letter was sent to the residents of the Curnock Estate. The original document can be found on this link.

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Delivered by Hand

Date 21st June 2002

Your reference:
Our reference: HOU/HOS/FM – 02/030

Enquiries to: Fiona Mountfort Ext 3625

The Leaseholder
Camden Street

Dear The Leaseholder,

STATUTORY NOTICE: Section 20 Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 (as amended) Curnock Street Phase 2 – External Repairs and Decorations

In accordance with the terms of your lease:

o The Council, as freeholder of your block, is responsible for repairs to the block and estate. However as the leaseholder you are liable to contribute towards the costs in a fair and equitable manner.

Furthermore, in accordance with Section 20 of the Landlord & Tenant Act 1985 (as amended):

o The Council must consult you regarding any building works to your block that cost more than £1,000 and for which you are liable to contribute according to lease.

If you are in the process of seeling your flat please pass a copy of this notice to your Solicitors.

Accordingly, the Council proposes to undertake External Repairs and Redecorations to Goldthorpe. The following blocks are covered under this contract:

The Marr

Additional blocks from phase 1 for Digital Door Entry only



Tenders for the contract were sought from 9 Contractors; copies of each of their estimates are encased with this notice. The names of the Contractors and the prices they submitted were:

Amey No Return
Balfour Beatty £1,758,055.00
Eldridge Bexley £2,671,808.00
Lenguard £1,862,766.00
Lovell No Return
Makers UK Limited £1,861,163.64
Mansell Ltd £2,047,777.00
Wates Construction No Return
William Verry £1,874,934.00

The Council is pleased with the estimate from Makers UK Limited which it believes to be a competitive tender. Subject to this consultation exercise the Council plans to proceed with the lowest tender from Makers UK Limited.

Copies of the full priced specification are also available for inspection by appointment in the offices of the Home Ownership Service.

Description of Works

The proposed contract will include the following works to your block:

Replacement of Doors and Windows, Concrete Repairs, Balcony Repairs and Replacement, Garden Screens, Door Entry Systems, Security Work to Car Park, External Redecoration and Additional Associated Works

Cost of Works to Individual Leaseholders

Not all of the works being carried out can be recharged to you under the terms of your lease. Attached to this notice is a breakdown of the works and costs to your block. Your rechargeable block cost does not include any works listed in the tenant only column.

The full contract sum of £1,861,163.64 covers all of the blocks within the contract. The blocks covered within this contract are:


Estate Cost

Rechargeable Estate Cost

Estate Works




Block Cost

Entry Phone Cost

Garden Dividers

Rechargeable Block Cost































The Marr





















To calculate your contribution towards the block works Camden uses the Gross value of each property to apportion the costs of the works among the block fairly. The Gross Value is set by the District Valuer and is based upon the size of your flat.

GV of x Goldthorpe 465 x £275,105.27 = £8,035.42
TGV of Goldthorpe 15920

To calculate your contribution towards the door entryphone system Camden divides the cost of the work by the number of units in your block to apportion the cost fairly. There are 34 units in your block. Therefore your contribution will be:

1 divided by 34 X £20,771.04 =£610.91

The cost of the garden dividers has been divided amongst the ground floor units of the block only. There are ground floor units in your block. Therefore your contribution will be:

1 divided by x –

Your contribution towards these all these works is therefore ££8,646.33. You will also be charged a supervision fee of 4.98% (££430.59) and a management fee of 10% (£864.63) giving your total estimated contribution of £9.941.550.

The supervision fees are charged by the Consultant for preparing the specification, carrying out the tender process, supervising the Contractor, and preparing the Final Account. It forms part of the contract cost and is charged as a percentage of the leaseholders contribution.

<=> Management fees are charged in accordance with the lease, at 10% of the leaseholders contribution. They cover the cost of the Home Ownership Service in carrying out Section 20 consultation, answering observations from leaseholders and preparing and managing the service charge accounts. It also covers the cost of other sections within Camden (for example Renewals), where they are involved with the contract.

Please note: this letter is not an invoice. If the work proceeds, you will be charged your estimated contribution as part of your annual service charge for 2002/2003 which is due to be issued in October 2002. When the Final Account is available your contribution will be adjusted

Repayment of Service Charges

The Council recognises the difficulties faced by some leaseholders who receive service charge bills arising from major works programmes. Various options are available to repay this type of charge:

1. You could approach your bank for a loan
2. You can apply to the bank or building society for an extension of your mortgage
3. You may be able to apply for a 10 month instalment plan, without incurring extra interest charges. If you are interested in this option you should contact the Capital Collections Team (Home Ownership Services) on receipt of your invoice.

4. You may be entitled to a service charge loan from the Council. This allows you to repay major works bills over a longer period of time, dependant on the cost of the works. If you choose to pay by this method, a mortgage is taken on your property which is repayable at a variable rate of interest.


Camden invites any observations you may wish to make on the works. Observations should be addressed to:

Fiona Mountfort

Home Ownership Service
(Capital Works Group)
28/30 Theobalds Road
London WC1 8NX

and should arrive no later than 22nd July 2002. To assist you in making your observations you will find a pre-addressed pro forma attached to this letter. I would ask you to sign and date the pro-forma, and return it to me even if you have no observations to make.

If you have any queries regarding this letter please do not hesitate to contact Fiona Mountfort on 020 7974 3625.

Yours sincerely

Fiona Mountfort
Fiona Mountfort
Home Ownership Service
Capital Works Group

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