All Residents, Improvements

Curnock Street Environmental Improvements

Environmental Improvements

This is the letter that all residents of Curnock Estate have received on 30th July 2007 regarding the improvements (see diagram) that Camden Council will do to the Estate:



Dear Resident,

Curnock Street Environmental Improvements

Following discussion of a number of possible improvements with residents, we are now in a position to implement a number of improvements to the external areas of Curnock Street estate.

We propose to carry out the works in two phases:

Phase 1 is shown on the drawing enclosed and consists of:

– Paving replacement and repairs – these have been identified through inspections with the caretakers
– Replacement of some areas of damaged paving slabs with bound gravel -this type of surface has already been used between Warmsworth and Billingley
– Providing new railings and planting around the two ramps leading up to Goldthorpe and Conisbrough
– Closing up the disused stairwell close to the main steps to Mexborough
– Brighter lighting to block entrances and fixing defective lighting columns

These works should be carried out within the next few months.

Phase 2 will require further consultation with residents and will take longer to implement, but should happen towards the end of this year / beginning of 2008. There is a fixed budget for this programme of works and the choice of which items to carry out will depend on residents’ priorities. So far we are considering the following:

– Car park access stairs (cages) to be made secure (or removed where possible)
– Removing unused paths and paving areas and replacing them with soft landscape, making them more usable for residents and less likely to cause nuisance
– Improving the area around the trees between The Marr and Goldthorpe so that it looks better and discourages loitering;
– Relocating an existing gate and adding new gates so that outsiders are less likely to loiter or cause nuisance
– Rearranging the area at the front of Mexborough to improve its appearance and discourage people from wandering through off the street
– Improving ramped access to some blocks

The consultant dealing with the project is Shepheard Epstein Hunter. Drawings of the draft proposals for Phase 2 will be available in the next few weeks for you to view at The Marr and two drop-in sessions will be arranged so that you can discuss the ideas with the consultant and Camden officers. The dates will be announced shortly.

Yours sincerely,

Kuldip Bhamra
Programme Manager

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