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Camden Council refuses to repair broken letterboxes

Today we were informed from a leaseholder that Camden Council refused to repair a broken letterbox in his entrance door.

Housing Repair representative said:

1) “…this is no longer under guarantee and is your responsibility as a leaseholder.”
2) “…this job is out of defects and we are not responsible for your front door only the frame.”

Email from Debi Sainsbury (HOS) dated 16 February 2007:

“You have also requested details of the repairing obligations with regards to the windows. The window frames remain part of the structure of the building and as such it is the responsibility of the Council to make good any defects and carry out repairs. Window furniture such as, handles remain the responsibility of the leaseholder. Should any leaseholder require a repair they must contact the repairs line on 020 7974 1212 and report the repair in the normal way.”

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