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Lights in Billingley FIXED

Two building lights in Billingley building of the Curnock Estate are not working for the last 3-4 months. The first light is located exactly above the main entrance and the second one is located in the corner of the building which is nearer to the underground car parking.

The problem was reported today to the Camden Council. REF: 1159992


17-01-2008 Camden Housing Repairs Office has raised a job order for this repair under reference number 282282/1. Our contractor Evans and Shea should complete the work by 18th January.

21-01-2008 The contractor Evans and Shea have not completed the job yet and for that reason we requested an update today.

24-01-2008 The contractor Evans and Shea have not completed the job and the Camden Council did not send us any update yet. Another e-mail was sent today requesting an update.

25-01-2008 Mr Keith Pettinger informed us that: “I have checked our repairs records and can see that an order (282282/1) was raised on 17th January 2008 to deal with the lights at Billingley. I have spoken to Evans & Shea, electrical lighting contractors today who advise me that they have not attended this order as yet. I have taken them to task as this order was raised as a 1 day priority and they have not attended within priority.

The best i have be able to arrange at this moment is for them to attend this order on Monday 28/1/2008. I have raised the following orders and asked that they also be attended to on Monday 28/1/2008:

Mexborough – 286201/1
Thurnscoe – 286205/1
Goldthorpe – 286226/1

28-01-2008 The lights have been repaired.

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