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Lights in Curnock Estate UPDATE

Since January 2008, there is a huge issue with the external lights that are located on Goldthorpe, Billingley and Warmsworth buildings. The Website as well as some residents have contacted the Camden Council as well as some Councillors regarding this issue.

The procedure for the specific repairs invloves the Housing Repairs Team and the contractors, Evans and Shea. Normally someone (who cares) call the repairs team which passes the call to the contractors. Unfortunately, this procedure does not seem to work the last 4 months because the lights are still out or order.

The progress of this issue can be found below in chronological order:


The building light above the main entrance (between flat 3 and 21) in Goldthorpe does not work again as well as a few lights in Warmworth and Goldthorpe. Another e-mail was sent to the Housing Repairs Team as well as to our local Councillors.

We have also launched an official complaint against the Housing Repairs Team and the contractors for the bad service that we have received the last four months.

Ten days after the last e-mail, the Housing repairs team sent another e-mail that said: “Following my previous email response dated 03/04/08, where I informed you that Evans & Shea are looking to complete all works by the end of Tuesday 08/04/08, I can confirm today that all the necessary repairs have now been completed on reference 315923/1.”

They did not answer any of the questions that residents have sent them and they completely ignored the fact that those repairs are paid from our service charges.

Another e-mail was sent to the Housing Repairs Team requesting some explanations regarding the “obsolete light fittings”.

The Housing Repairs Team informed us that they are “…sorry that the above works are still outstanding. I have spoken to our contractor Evans & Shea and they send their apologies, the reason for the delay has been because it has been difficult for them to obtain the obsolete light fittings. however, they assure me that these should now arrive on Monday/Tuesday next week and works will be complete by the end of Tuesday 08/04/08 on order reference 315923/1.”

Another e-mail was sent to the Camden Council asking for an update when a resident saw two people having sex on the middle of the estate.

The contractors have fixed some of the lights but not the one in Billingley. Another e-mail was sent requesting an update.

Another e-mail was sent requesting an answer to the following questions:
1) What kind of work have the contractor done on Thursday 27/03?
2) What is the issue/problem with the lights?
3) Why did this problem appeared again in less than 3 months since they originally fixed it

The Housing Repairs Team informed Cllr Robinson that:
“I have spoken to our contractor Evans & Shea today who were been allocated to carry out the works on order reference 315923/1. They did attend on Thursday 27-03-08, but will request their operative to return tomorrow morning between 8:00 am and 1:00 pm on the same order number.”

Cllr Roger Robinson also sent an e-mail requesting an update.

An e-mail was sent to the Housing Repair Team requesting an update regarding the repairs.

Someone from the Housing Repairs informed us that the contractor, Evans and Shea, will visit the estate tomorrow in order to fix all the lights. He promised that everything will working by 17:00 tomorrow.

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