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Local Police News Spring/Summer 2009

The Local Police sent the following leaflet to the residents. To view the original document in a PDF format click here.

London Borough of Camden
St Pancras and Somers Town Team

Tel: 0208721 2810

Superintendent Raj Kohli

Camden’s Teams are recognised as some of the best in London. We look forward to going from strength to strength and we urge all readers to contact your team and help us to reduce crime.

Dispersal Zone Reduces Anti Social Behaviour

The Safer Neigbourhoods Team (SNT), has been tirelessly working on the ward’s priority to reduce youth disorder offences by successfully targeting antisocial behaviour in the ward by issuing nearly 200 Dispersal notices during the last six months and they are fully committed to further reducing crime and disorder. PC Findley has successfully extended the Dispersal Zone for a further six months until 15th July 2009 after consultation with local residents and Camden Council. Officers are able to direct groups of two or more persons to leave the area for a period of 24 hours if members of the public have been harassed, distressed or intimidated by their behaviour or presence. Youths under 16 can and have been taken to their home addresses after 9pm if they are not under the effective control of a parent or responsible person over the age of 18. The dispersal notices have been issued effectively to disrupt and deter persons involved in drug taking and groups of youths engaged in anti-social behaviour. The feedback from local residents has been supportive; one resident said, “We can see that crime and anti social behaviour has been reduced”. Public confidence in the Police to deal with this type of behaviour has increased since the introduction of the Dispersal Zone.

Community gains benefits from the SNT Treatment

Service Charges in Goldthorpe

The Safer Neighbourhoods Team, (SNT), have acted on information from the local community that were concerned about the behaviour of some pupils leaving South Camden Community School at dismissal time.

In response to this we invited the Head Teacher to join the Safer Neighbourhoods Panel meeting to hear the concerns from the ward representatives. The Team have worked together with the school’s dedicated police officer, PC McNulty, the staff and the Youth Engagement Team to tackle this issue. Together with our partners we have co-ordinated high-visibility patrols at lunch times and dismissal times to prevent any crimes or anti social behaviour. We have further made use of Camden Council’s mobile CCTV vehicle to record incidents and discourage anti social behaviour. This co-ordination has proved very successful. Disorder has been greatly reduced and this has benefited local residents and ensured that pupils can travel home safely.

Derek Newsbitt, Panel Chair

I am Derek Newsbitt, Chair of the St Pancras and Somers Town Safer Neighbourhoods Ward Panel. I have been on the Panel in different capacities for about three years. The panel is made up of local Councillors and representatives from local Tenants Residents Associations. Our role is to discuss what the issues are on the ward that concerns the community and what we as representatives, want the police Safer Neighbourhoods Team to deal with as their priorities. We meet about every eight weeks and I can say the panels joint working with the Safer Neighbourhoods Team and Council has thus far been a success. My message would always be tell the police what your -concerned about so they know about it and don’t allow unknown callers in your block or estate.

Team names and contact details

PS 8EK Gary McGovern
PC 428EK Chris Findley
PC 669EK Lavinia Cutting
PCSO 7121EK Uthaykumar Packirisamy
PCSO 7132EK Lorraine Cooper
PCSO 7164EK Asad Saeed
Telephone 0208 721 2810

The Team have also organised a regular ‘Drop-in Surgery’ at Somers Town Community Centre, 150 Ossulston Street, NW1. The times and dates for the surgeries are advertised across the ward and can also be found at the website safer neighbourhoods. It provides an extra means for residents to meet the team and discuss any issues affecting the community.

Policing Pledge – our promise to the public

The Metropolitan Police Service takes pride in providing the best possible service to people in London and our Policing Pledge sets out the standards of service you can expect from us.

As well as giving you information on our service, the Pledge indicates how you can become more involved in working with us for a safer London, such as through volunteering or local community groups, and it outlines how you can give us feedback on our service so that we can ensure we are meeting your needs as best as possible.

For more information on our Policing Pledge please go to or contact your local Safer Neighbourhoods team.

If you require this newsletter in a different format or language, please contact your Safer Neighbourhoods team.

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