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No Hot Water 20-10-2009 (4 Days)


26-10-2009 at 09:15 An e-mail from Helen Roy informed us that Ms Andrea Comer will log this issue as a formal complaint. The council is now dealing with our complaint at the Local resolution stage of their complaint procedure. They have asked, the Repairs Quality Team to respond to us by 20 November 2009. If any delay is likely to occur, they will contact us and let us know. Although, the response is due by the 20 November, Helen Roy has asked the Repairs Quality Team to give this matter Priority.

24-10-2009 at 17:30 Mr Jim Wintour (Director of Housing and Adult Social Care) requested from Keith Pettinger to investigate and report back to him.

24-10-2009 at 16:17 Cllr Roger Robinson asked Mr Jim Wintour (Director of Housing and Adult Social Care) to investigate this issue and that the residents affected are compensated.

24-10-2009 at 14:45 We called the Emergency Repair Team and Sharon informed us that Thames Water increased the water pressure in order to allow the hot water system to work. However there is still a leak!

24-10-2009 at 14:45 Hot Water was restored.

24-10-2009 at 12:45 Cllr Roger Robinson informed us that he phoned Repairs last night and several times this morning and he is glad to report that he has been assured by Emergency Repairs later this morning that the engineer was on site and the hot water should be back on within a hour or so today!!

23-10-2009 at 21:41 Cllr Roger Robinson informed us that he has “…phoned Emergency Repairs all evening and an engineer is on his way over to the estate to see what can be done.”

He also metnioned that the Curnock TRA has phoned him and the engineers will phone TRA after they have been on the estate and also phone him.

23-10-2009 at 18:51 A resident from Thurnscoe sent the following letter to the councillors:

“Dear Anna Stewart, Roger Robinson and Nurul Islam,

I am writing to you regarding Camden Council’s consistent failure to adequately service the Curnock estate with hot water. I doubt I can be the first person who has contacted you about this ongoing shambles, but in case I am, the problem is as follows:

Around once a month, the hot water is cut off. Over three to four days, this is what happens:

1) Residents inform the Housing Repair Team.
2) The Housing Repair Team informs Seaflame.
3) Seaflame turn up, reach the startling conclusion that a plumber might be useful, and depart.
4) A plumber is called out, but doesn’t have the parts necessary, and leaves.
5) Residents, usually having been without hot water for at least two days by this point, ring the Housing Repair Team again; they are invariably told that the problem “is being fixed today”. This is almost never the case.
6) The plumber comes back with the part necessary, instals it and leaves.

If residents are lucky, hot water returns. If they are not, steps 3 to 6 are repeated over another few days, during which the Housing Repair Team continue valiantly claiming that it will be fixed that day.

Curnock estate has been without hot water for over twenty days so far this year; no doubt the council’s Christmas present to residents will be making it up to a whole month before the year is out.

I would like to know:

a) Why, given this happens every month, nobody has considered the blindingly obvious possibility that there is a permanent problem that needs to be fixed, and acted accordingly.
b) Why a good one-and-a-half days is wasted every time this happens with sending out Seaflame before calling the plumber that is inevitably necessary.
c) Why Camden Council thinks this is acceptable service in any way, shape, or form.

I hope to hear from you soon.”

23-10-2009 at 18:25 We called the emergency repair team and Ms Helen Loppas informed us that nothing will happen until Monday 26th October 2009. According the Repair Team there is no problem with our hot water system. The problem is a water leak that Thames Water has to investigate and fix.

22-10-2009 at 22:40 The Repairs Team informed us that the hot water could not be fixed today but it will be fixed tomorrow (23-10-2009). A complaint has been sent (REF: 5618813)

21-10-2009 at 22:45 The Repairs Team informed us that the hot water will be fixed tomorrow (22-10-2009).

Original Story

Earlier today at 08:30 there was only tepid water coming from the hot tap. Later in the day hot water was resumed. Now in the evening there is no water coming from the hot tap at all.

Camden Council’s Repair Team has been informed by two residents. One in Mexborough and one in Goldthorpe at 21:45 and 22:25 respectively. A job was raised for this issue.

They have been so far this year approximately 21 days without hot water and we are only half way through October.

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