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The Gerda Lock was Broken After Only 32 Days!


19-03-2010 18:20 The Gerda lock was replaced and the gate was locked. This is in contradiction with Mr Thomas Brhane statement that it will take at least 3 weeks to have the replacement lock.

16-03-2010 15:08 Thomas Brhane, Repairs Officer, informed us that: “Our contractors reports the make-up of the new Gerda lock which has been ordered will take at least 3 weeks to arrive and they will fit the Gerda lock as soon as they have it. This is all the information we have at the moment and we will keep you updated. Also at the next contractor meeting this issue will be discussed because we feel they should carry a stock of at least 2 types of Gerda lock so it speeds up the repair.”

16-03-2010 12:56 Cllr Roger Robinson sent another e-mail to the Camden Council requesting an answer to his e-mail dated 10th March 2010.

10-03-2010 10:56 The Housing Repairs Team informed us that: “A job has been raised to renew the broken Gerda lock under reference number 936544/1 and the job is assigned to our contractors Building Maintenance Division.”

10-03-2010 08:53 Cllr Roger Robinson sent an e-mail to Housing Repairs Team requesting the repair to be done before the end of this week.

05-03-2010 21:20 The incident was reported to the Housing Repairs Team at 21:20.


Damaged Lock in the Pratt Street GateToday someone has broken the GERDA lock of Pratt Street entrance gate. This is ONLY 32 days after it was originally installed!!!

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