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GERDA Lock Has Costed Us £1,832.00 in 32 Days

Danniel Day from the Housing Repairs Team informed us that the Gerda Lock replacement cost (Pratt Street gate) for the leaseholders is £916.00. That means that the Camden Council has spent £1,832.00 for the Pratt Street gate in 32 days!!!

Read the full reply below:

“Thank you for your email. I have discussed this issue with the contract’s manager who has provided me with some more information. Originally when this order was raised it was raised using the schedule of rates code for overhauling and repairing the lock. However due to the type of lock I have been informed that as a non standard item the schedule of rates usually associated with this kind of repair does not apply. The normal schedule of rates code for renewing a lock would be £43.

As a non standard item this does not fall under there contract to renew the lock at this price so the contractor is required to provide us with a variation to advise how much the lock would cost. I have spoken to them to get this variation as this had not been submitted at the time of my previous email. I managed to obtain this price from them now which is a cost of £916. This is the price our contractors will be charging the council for the replacement Gerder lock.”

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