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Extra Information About the Heating Works Project

Based on the meeting about the Heating Works with the Camden Council and the contractors on the 07th April 2010 at The Marr, we requested from Mr Harry Odoi (Capital Works Service Charge Officer) the following:

The documents that shows:
a. the list of the spare parts that the contractors must have in stock,
b. the quantities of the spare parts in stock,

ANSWER 1a, 1b
The contract does not state a specific list or quantity of parts that the contractor must have in place, but to have the appropriate parts available to provide the service.

c. the response time

1c. The response time does vary depending on the time of year and the nature of the call and is between 4hrs – 24hrs.

d. the penalties for not fixing a problem in the specified time or
e. the penalties for not fixing a problem due to lack of spare parts in stock.

ANSWER 1d 1 e

There are no penalties as it is based on an incentive to perform basis.

The names and job titles of the people who were in the meeting yesterday.

Alan Quinn Contracts Manager Apollo,
Tony Bowcut Senior Site Manager,
Julie Humphrey Resident liaison officer Team Leader,
Jack Duncan Contracts Manager Higgins,
David Higgins Director Higgins,
David Elloway Designer Primeglen Designs,
Ashford Francis Mechanical & Electrical Programmes Manager London Borough of Camden, Harry Odoi Capital Services Officer London Borough of Camden.

The document that Mr Ashford Francis from the council promise to send us.

Ashford Francis have already sent you a copy of the options appraisal document. To see the document click on the following link:

Item 06 – Housing Capital Programme Outturn – Quarter Two – 2008 09 – Executive Member for Homes & Housing Strategy

The current level of noise and the target (i.e. reduced level) of noise that the contractors wants to achieve with the works.

Please refer to section 8 of the specification and the acoustic report that has been carried out.

The manager from Higgins said yesterday that they did some work on the boiler room 8 years ago. At that time they removed the glass panels from the front part of the boiler room and they never put them back. That was part of the noise problem. Why shall we pay them now to do the job that they supposed to do 8 years ago (i.e. put the glass panels back)? They destroyed it they have to put it back.

Higgins did not take part in removing any glass panels to the front of the boiler room, they installed new control panels to the boiler house 8 years ago, and this has no relevance to the works that we are undertaking on this scheme.

Further to the answers above we requested some extra clarifications from Mr Harry Odoi. On 12th April 2010 Mr Harry Odoi had received the following responses from the project manager regarding our comments/questions:

What happens if the contractor does not have spare parts?

This is not related to the proposed capital work which is subject to statutory leaseholder consultation. This was raised at the leaseholder meeting in relation to on going repairs which is a revenue cost. Most of the heating maintenance / repairs contractors carry some spare parts in their van. However due to the variety of heating mechanisms it is not always possible to have all the requisite spare parts. If the contractor doses not have the spare part then this part may be available at a depot. If not then it will have to be ordered.

You wanted information regarding the response times for a repairs call out.

Whilst you can have this information I must reiterate to you that this information has no bearing on this new capital project. This relates to residents calls for specific repairs. The project manager Mr Ashford Francis has stated he will have to liaise with other colleagues to get this information which may take some time. However this is separate and outside of the leaseholder consultation on the heating renewal.

Can we have the documents that explains those incentives to perform?

Again this is outside the remit of the capital works and leaseholder consultation. The project manager will again attempt to obtain this information but as before this relates to repairs and not to the proposed capital works.

Who removed the glass panels 8 years ago?

The project manager has stated that he does not have any information on who might have removed the glass panels 8 years ago.

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