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Custom TV: Invalid E-mail Address & Non Working Website

The IRS contractor, Custom TV, does not have a working website and the e-mail that they provided us today is not working!!

We spoke to Gareth Chew (Capital Service Charges Officer) from the Camden Council who did not know who the contractor was. He promised to find out the contact details for the contractor and let us know.

The questions that Custom TV has to answer are:

1) What is the cost (incl VAT) for every extra socket?
2) Can the extra sockets be installed in either side (front and back) of the property?
3) Who will be responsible for the warranty of the extra sockets?
4) Who will be responsible for the maintenance of the extra sockets after the first year warranty period?
5) According to the Camden Council you will responsible for the extra sockets’ maintenance and I will have to deal with you for any problems regarding the extra sockets. I would like to know the cost for the maintenance per socket per year per property.
6) If there is a problem after the end of the warranty how will you access the site? Will the Camden Council grant you access?
7) Will you need a permission from the Camden Council for access to the equipment? Would it be easy to have such a permission?
8) If another company get the contract for the maintenance after the first year, would you still be able to maintain the extra sockets to the flats?

At the same time we raised an official complaint (REF: 6208535) with the Camden Council against Custom TV.

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