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Heating Works May 2010 Newsletter

The following letter was sent to the residents of the Curnock Estate. The letter is about the Heating Works. To view the original document click here.

Curnock Street estate heating works

May 2010 Newsletter

The heating works to your estate will be starting very shortly on the 17th May 2010.

Thank you to those residents that attended the ‘Meet the Contractor’ drop in sessions on the 5th May 2010. Please read this information and keep it in a safe place whilst the work is going on.

Project team details

Resident liaison officer (RLO) – Wendy Jones
Tel no: 07500 226939

The RLO is employed by Apollo and is your first point of contact whilst the work is taking place. She will provide you with information about the works and advise you about health and safety.

Senior resident liaison officer – Julie Humphrey
Tel no: 07825 387683

The senior resident liaison officer is responsible for the RLO and can be contacted if you are unable to contact the RLO.

Senior site manager – Tony Bowcutt
Tel no: 07825 106790

The senior site manager is also employed by Apollo and is responsible for the management of all work on site. He can also be contacted for urgent matters on site and also if you are unable to contact the RLOs.

Project manager – Jackie Louis
Tel no: 020 7974 2628

The project manager is in overall charge of the works for Camden Council. You should contact the project manager if you still have concerns after contacting the RLO or senior site manager.


If there are any emergencies concerned with the work please use the following numbers:


Apollo senior site manager –
Tony Bowcutt 07825 106790 ,
Higgins Office – 020 8863 0003

Please note that the above numbers cover the works we are undertaking on site, for all other repairs including any heating or hot water problems and any defaults within the properties please continue to contact Camden Repairs on 020 7974 1212.


Camden Emergency contact no: 020 7974 4444 Apollo: 01202 653293

The Works

We will be replacing the heating distribution pipe work below ground level on the estate, in the soffits of both the private and Council car park, installing radiator controls within residents’ homes, replacing 2 water tanks and 2 hot water calorifiers and reducing the amount of noise from the boiler house.

The renewal of the underground heating distribution pipe work will involve the excavations of footpaths and service roads on the estate. As a result the plants and shrubs outside Barnbrough, Hickleton and Warmsworth blocks will be removed in order to gain access to the old pipe work. The bedding and shrubs will be replaced following completion of the works. The RLO will contact the ground floor residents of these blocks closer to the time of the excavation works. The excavations by these properties will be protected by heras fencing and covered by steel plates to provide a walkway allowing resident access. The noise from the excavation works will be intermittent. Residents in these affected properties will be informed of excessive noise works in advance by the site team.

Due to the nature of the works there will be some shut down periods to the heating/hot water service during change over periods, but they will fall during working hours for 8 hours or less (Monday to Friday). The disruption will be kept to a minimum. You will be notified of this in advance. There is also a provision of temporary heaters if required.

In accordance with Camden’s policy residents will be given a rebate on their service charge for loss of heating in excess of 7 days. Please note that should you need to use the temporary heaters provided Camden will be unable to reimburse the electric costs incurred.

Timetable for the work

Works start 17th May 2010
Works complete 17* December 2010

Please be aware that the work can sometimes take longer than predicted. If this happens we will let you know as soon as possible.

Staying safe in your home

The contractors working on our behalf will be wearing high-visibility vests (bright yellow vests) with the Apollo logo on the front and the back and will carry identification.

We will require access for a day to your property in order to install the radiator controls.

During the changeover period (changing from the old pipe work to the new pipe work) access may be required to your home for a spot check. The spot check is to ensure that the system is working correctly.

If you are unsure about a caller you should ask them to wait outside and call any member of the project team.

Keeping you informed during the work

During the work we will keep residents informed of progress. If you have any questions at any time, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Project Team.


Safety is one of our primary concerns and you can help us minimise the risk of accidents to yourself and others. If you see something that you think might cause an accident, please contact the RLO or project manager immediately. Outside normal working hours contact Apollo on 01202 653293.


Please remember that pets can be disturbed by noisy building work.
Safety warning to children

At all times, every possible care should be taken to ensure children are kept away from working areas.

Site Area

The site office/accommodation will be situated near Billingley and Goldthorpe. If you wish to speak to either the RLO or the site manager in person please visit the site office or alternatively you contact them on the phone numbers provided.
Apollo will notify you of the site office contact number once the phone line has been installed.

Weekly information surgeries

To make it easy for residents to get any information they need we will be holding a weekly surgery. The RLO or site manager will be available to answer any questions you may have. The surgeries will be weekly every Tuesday at 10am commencing from the 8th June 2010 at the site office.

If you have any further questions, please contact a member of the project team.

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