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Household Buildings Insurance 2010-2011

The following letter was sent to the leaseholders of the Curnock Estate. The letter is about the Household Buildings Insurance 2010-2011. To view the original document click here.

Date 07/06/2010

Our Ref: 26787

Dear Leaseholder

Re: Household Buildings Insurance 2010-2011

As freeholder and/or landlord of your leased property, under the terms of your lease the Council is obliged to arrange building insurance to insure your property.

Following the consultation process undertaken in 2007 and 2008, the council procured a 3 year contract with Zurich Municipal with the option to extend for a further 2 years. I am pleased to advise that the insurance has been renewed in accordance with this contract. The rate charged by insurers remains the same and there has not been an increase in the insured value this year as rebuilding cost inflation is low.

A summary of your insurance cover is enclosed along with a notice from the insurers, which you need to keep safe in the event that you need proof of insurance when selling or reassigning your property. The coverage remains the same as last year however a new policy booklet has been produced as there have been some minor changes to the conditions. The enclosed notice details those changes. Please contact the Home Ownership team should you require a further copy of this booklet.

The claims handling process remains the same with leaseholders being able to report claims directly to the insurer on 08700 108855 during normal office hours. For claims outside office hours and in emergencies please call the insurers on 08000 159329. Your claim details will be taken over the phone and you will be given an answer on how to proceed immediately. Claims can also be reported to the insurers via email or post (please refer to your policy booklet for further details).

The insurers can provide assistance with obtaining a suitable builder or repairer, or alternatively you are able to use your own preferred tradesperson. If you wish to use your own repairer, you will need to provide your own repair estimate and the insurers will be able to give an answer on how to proceed. The exception to this process are large claims, claims involving common parts and subsidence claims where the housing repair team will have an interest and the insurer will need to appoint a Loss Adjuster to project manage the claim on their behalf.

Please remember to keep your documents safe and do call the Home Ownership team should you require any further assistance.

Yours sincerely,

Dean Wells
Insurance Manager

Leasehold Buildings Insurance Statement

Tel: 02079743559
Fax: 020 7974 6327

The following is a brief summary of the cover provided under the Household Buildings policy arranged for London Borough of Camden with Zurich Municipal. It is intended to be evidence of insurance cover; and sets out the information held in the policy records maintained by Camden on behalf of the insurer; it is not the policy and is not intended to replace the policy.

Insurer Zurich Municipal
Policy Number 10/006460/05500331
Period of Insurance From 1 April 2010 to 31 March 2011
Insurance Parties The London Borough of Camden (as freeholder or head lessee), any Freeholder, any leaseholder, Lender or Mortgagee and others
Insured Premises Any Private dwelling as identified by the schedule maintained by the London Borough of Camden
Risks and Excesses
Your buildings are insured against loss or damage caused by the following major events:
Fire, smoke, explosion, lightning, earthquake, riot, civil commotion,
strikes, labour or political disturbances, malicious damage*, collision by
vehicles, aircraft or animals, storm or flood, escape of water from any
fixed tank*, falling trees or branches, theft or attempted theft*,
subsidence, ground heave, or landslip, leakage of oil from any fixed
oil-fired installation, damage caused by falling television aerials or
satellite dishes.
Also includes extended accidental damage cover.

Damage to buildings by the risks marked * is not insured if the buildings
have been unoccupied for more than 30 days.

• Subsidence, ground heave or landslip – £1,000 excess per unit. Maximum
excess £2,500 per Block

• £250 excess all other claims

• The insurance includes:

o professional fees necessarily incurred in reinstating insured damage,
o debris removal, demolition, shoring up costs following insured damage,
o the additional cost of reinstating insured damage incurred in complying with public authority requirements.

• Loss of Rent & Alternative Accommodation when leasehold properties are
rendered uninhabitable by insured damage subject to a limit of 20% of the
sum insured.

• Legal Liability as Owner – Limit of Indemnity £2,000,000.

• Trace and Access – costs incurred in relation to the leaseholder’s
demise in locating the source and subsequent making good following damage by
escape of water – limit £5000 any one loss.

Sum Insured Adjusted annually in accordance with the RICS House Rebuilding Cost Index. We do not identify sums insured on the insurance statement as the policy provides for reinstatement value.
Claims to be reported by telephone to the Zurich Municipal Claims Team on 08700 108855 or by email or by email to
noted in respect of specified flat



For full terms and conditions and any further information on Camden’s insurance arrangements, contact the Insurance Section at the above address by post telephone or email.


You must inform the Council or other interested party who has arranged this insurance of any changes in circumstances since the last renewal or inception of your policy, even if you are in doubt about any changes.

For example:

• if you have had an extension built;
• if your home is used for any business purposes (other than clerical);
• if you have let your property to tenants;
• if you or any other person permanently living in your home, has ever been convicted or has any prosecution pending for any criminal offence involving arson, fraud or theft;
• if the property is no longer in a good state of repair.

Failure to inform us of any changed circumstances could affect the validity of your insurance cover. If your policy is amended as a result of any change, it may be necessary for us to vary the premium and terms for the remaining period of insurance.
You should keep a record (including copies of letters) of all information supplied to us in connection with this insurance.

If you would like to request a policy document, please contact the Council or other interested party who has arranged this insurance and they will send you one.

Changes to Your Statement of Policy Cover

We have clarified or made minor amendments to the policy wording in respect of the following; Indirect Loss (page 7), Fraud (page 14), Cancellation (page 15), Changes in Information (page 15), and Complaints Procedure (page 16).
Please refer to the pages indicated above in the current Summary of Cover and Statement of Policy Cover Booklet, which, if not enclosed with this notice, is available from Camden Council.

Unoccupied properties

In your policy a number of general and specific exclusions apply to your insurance cover. In particular, we would take this opportunity to remind you that if your property is left unoccupied for more than 30 consecutive days, the following Insured-Risks (as detailed in the Statement of Policy Cover) will be excluded:

(4) Malicious damage;
(7) Escape of water from any fixed tank, fishtank, pipe or appliance and damage caused to such by bursting or freezing;
(9) Theft or attempted theft.

Please refer to your Statement of Policy Cover for full details. You should consider what precautions you could take to minimise the risk of loss or damage to your property if it is unoccupied.

Fraud prevention and detection

In order to prevent and detect fraud we may at any time:

• Share information about you with other organisations and public bodies including the Police;
• Check and/or file your details with fraud prevention agencies and databases, and if you give us false or inaccurate information and we suspect fraud, we will record this.

We and other organisations may also search these agencies and databases to:

• Help make decisions about the provision and administration of insurance, credit and related services for you and members of your household;
• Trace debtors or beneficiaries, recover debt, prevent fraud and to manage your account or insurance policies;
• Check your identity to prevent money laundering, unless you furnish us with other satisfactory proof of identity;
• Undertake credit searches and additional fraud searches.

We can supply on request further details of the databases we access or contribute to.

Claims history

Under the conditions of your policy you must tell us about any insurance related incidents (such as fire, water damage, theft or any accident) whether or not they give rise to a claim. When you tell us about an incident we will pass information relating to it to a database. We may search these databases when you apply for insurance, in the event of any incident or claim, or at time of renewal to validate your claims history or that of any other person or property likely to be involved in the policy or claim.

It is a condition of renewing your policy that you agree to the information held on the computer and that any incidents you tell us about being passed to the relevant organisation to be included on their database. It is also a condition of renewing your policy that you agree that these organisations may pass to us information that they have received from other insurers about other incidents involving anyone insured under the policy. You can ask for more information about this.
You should show this notice to anyone who has an interest in the property insured under the policy.

Policy administration

Zurich insurance pic holds your details in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. In order to administer your insurance policy and any claims made against the policy, Zurich insurance pic may share personal data provided to us with other companies within the Zurich Financial Services Group and with business partners, including overseas companies. If we do transfer your information, we make sure that it has the same level of protection that it has with us under all relevant legislation within the UK.

Zurich Insurance plc

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Authorised by the Irish Financial Regulator and subject to limited regulation by the Financial Services Authority. Details about the extent of our regulation by the Financial Services Authority are available from us on request.

FSA registration number 203093. These details can be checked on the FSA’s register by visiting their website or by contacting them on 0845 606 1234.

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