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The new face of Camden recycling is coming soon…

The new face of Camden recyclingA brand new food waste recycling collection service is on its way to help you recycle even more.

What’s changing and why?

You’ll soon be able to recycle even more in Camden as we launch a new food waste recycling collection service.

More than a third of what ends up in our bins is food waste like leftovers, peelings and out-of-date items. At the moment most of this ends up in landfill, where it breaks down releasing gas which contributes to global warming.

By using your new service, you’ll be putting your food waste to better use – it will be turned into compost instead of ending up in landfill.

What happens next?

We’ll deliver a brand new recycling kit containing everything you need to use your new service direct to your door.

When will I get the new service?

We’ll start to deliver kits from August 2010, and you can start recycling your food waste as soon as you receive yours – find out when it should arrive online at

Some flats and housing estates are already recycling their food waste and most of you will be able to do the same by spring 2011. We aim to have introduced the new service to everyone by autumn 2011.

Help us get your new service to you as quickly as possible.

If you live in a private flat, we’ll need to speak to your landlord or leaseholder to agree the best possible position for your new outdoor food waste container.

Sometimes it takes a while for us to trace landlords or leaseholders. To help speed this up we’ve put together a standard letter for you to post or email to yours to let them know about the new service and what they need to do to introduce it at their property. Please visit for more information and to download a copy of the letter, or call 020 7974 6914.

To find out more about your new service visit or call 020 7974 6914

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