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Broken Lights (REF: 1014213/1) & Entrance Door (REF: 1014214/1) – FIXED


06-08-2010 at 15:02

The housing Repairs Team informed us that: “Jobs have been raised under reference numbers 1014213/1 (faulty lights in Curnock Estate) and 1014214/1 (faulty door entry system in Darfield) and both these jobs have been assigned to our contractors Lake house. The target date for completion of these jobs is on the 13th of August.


An e-mail was sent to the Housing Repairs Team on Sunday 01st August 2010 because the following items need to be repaired:

1) Building light on Goldthorpe building that is located close to Flat 1 and Flat 6.

2) Building light on Billingley that is located above the garden of Flat 1.

3) Communal stairs light that is located on the top of the stairs between Flat 4 and Flat 7 Goldthorpe.

4) Balcony light in front of Flat 9 Goldthorpe building.

5) The mechanism of the door entry system in Darfield is not working.

6) Wall light that is attached to the Goldthorpe building

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