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Today, the following letter was displayed on the notice boards around the Curnock Estate.

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25 October 2010

Dear Residents

This is to update you on estate issues and to provide information about the agenda items that could not be addressed at the general meeting on 12 Ortober 2010.

Street Wardens

Two street wardens attended our general meeting. Street wardens address issues of antisocial behaviour, drug dealing/taking, drinking and rough sleeping on streets and estates. They operate 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday and 10pm to 6pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

They gather information, including ‘Community Impact Statements”, in which residents can repot how antisoaal behavior affects their day-to-day lives. These statements can be given in stictest confidence. Any resident who washes to make a statement about issues on Curnock Street Estate can contact the TRA or go directly to the wardens.

Street Wardens can be contacted on: 020 7974 5195 ,


The TRA submitted a successful bid to the District Management Committee to get ramps installed at Billingley and Ravenscar – the two blocks where you cannot access the main door without going up or down steps. At Billingley the existing steps to Pratt Street will be removed and a ramp, inside the estate, will go the front entrance. This work may have to wait until Apoto leave site. At Ravenscar the set of steps between Honnisbrough and Ravenscar will be removed and replaced with a ramp. The
ramp will be inside the existing fencing.

Caretakinq Review

The council is proposing to conduct a review of the caretaklng and cleaning services to estates across the borough. The TRA will make a submission to this review. Any resident who wishes to contribute to this submission can contact the TRA. We would like to hear and present positive as well as negative feedback.

Housing Scrutiny Panel

The Housing Scrutiny Panel is currently looking at three areas within Housing – Repairs Service, Tenant Partitipation and Leaseholder Charges. The TRA intends to provide views on Repairs and Leasehold Charges. Again, any resident wishing to contribute to this can do so through the TRA.

Scrutiny Panel meetings are open to the public. The next meeting is on the 11 November 2010. Further information can be obtained from Committee Services or

Envlronmantal Works

Three areas on the estate are being considered for Improvement – the area in front of The Marr,the area in front of Mexborough and the area between Billigley, Warmsworih, Barnfarough and Goldthorpe. It is hoped that an outline of these plans can be presented and discussed at the General Meeting in December. The budget may not allow for all areas to have work done.

For more information contact:

Susan Gorrie

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