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Noise Nuisance: Dates and Facts

This is the summary of the noise nuisance problem and the progress so far.

01) Noise started on 20-10-2010 after Apollo’s Emergency Works at the boiler room.
02) Mr Richard Michael refuses any meetings’ requests from residents and Cllr Roger Robinson.
03) Mr Tony Bowcut visited a resident’s flat on 18-11-2010 at 06:00am
04) Mr Bowcut and the resident identified the noise source which was pump 2

05) On 23-11-2010 pump 2 was switched off and pump 1 was activated
06) On 25 and 26-11-2010 Mr Bowcut was inundated with complains from other residents.
07) Pump 1 was deactivated and pump 2 was activated again.
08) Pump 1 was taken off site for refurbishment
09) Pump 1 was re-fitted on the 13-12-2010
10) Pulsating noise problem reduced by 90%

11) On the 18-12-2010 the pulsating noise is back due to boiler failures.

12) On 29-12-2010 gas leak and door repairs took place on boiler 3.
13) A loud clattering noise started enveloping the whole flat.
14) Noise has been recorded with an insensitive device (iPad).
15) Mr Michael refuses to meet with residents and still talks about the ALLEGED noise. He refuses to accept that there is problem.

16) Mr Michael suggests again the Environmental Health Team and the Emergency Repairs Team
17) Both services are inappropriate for the problem according to Abdul Ali (Repairs Team)
18) Four flats can hear the noise.

19) On 02-01-2011 the noise was starting every hour at xx:40
20) On 03-01-2011 the noise was not regular during the night
21) On 03-01-2011 pulsating noise on main bedroom and loud constant noise on living room.
22) On 04-01-2011 all three boilers failed and for that reason no hot water or heating was available to the whole estate.
23) On 04-01-2011 after the boilers failure the clattering noise has stopped.
24) A faulty valve was found in a neighbours flat which might contribute to the noise problem.

25) On the 07-01-2011, another pulsating noise is present on the flats above the boiler room.
26) On the 11-01-2011, there was no hot water or heating on the whole estate.

27) The anti-vibration matting, bellows and brackets are being installed on the six pumps, expected completion date is 21/01/11. An updated was requested on the 24-01-2011 but it was refused by Pat O’Neil. Later on that date, Mr Richard Michael sent an update.

28) On 03-02-2011 improvement works were carried out. Due to technical problems the residents were left without hot water for the whole day.
29) On 04-02-2011 engineers from the Camden Council were working all night to restore the service. There was hot water on that morning but not during the day.
30) On 04-02-2011 one of the boilers has been removed and a temporary boiler was installed outside the Goldthorpe building.


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