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Meeting About The Proposed Gas Works

Gas Supply WorksThe following letter was sent to the residents of the Curnock Estate.

The original document can be found on this link.

National Grid

East Coalition Enquiry Team
Customer Support
National Grid
Lakeside House
The Lakes

The Resident

Curnock Street Estate
Billingley, Mexborough, Darfield & Goldthorpe
Pratt Street


Date: 7 February 2011
Project Ref: LTE 2010:2442P

Dear Resident

Gas Supply Replacement 1-18 Darfield, 1-34 Goldthorpe, 1-18 Billingley & 1-66 Mexborough, Curnock Street Estate, London NW1 OLY

Further to our letter dated 21 January 2011, regarding the gas system replacement, we have arranged a Curnock Street Estate Resident Association meeting to discuss the proposed gas works on the Estate.

The meeting has been planned for Wednesday 16th February 2011 From 7pm-8pm at the Tenants Resident Association Room

This will be an informal meeting and we will outline the scope of the works, discuss our planned programme and explain the reasons for the replacement.

We apologise for any inconvenience this essential work may cause you. We will make every effort to complete the work as quickly as possible.

If you have any queries, please call the National Grid Customer Enquiries Team on 0845 246 1285. If you smell gas, please call the National Gas Emergency line on 0800 111 999.

Yours sincerely

Patrick Kelly
Operations Manager
National Grid Gas

Customer Enquiries 0845 246 1285
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Registered Office – 1-3 Strand, London, WC2N 5EH
Registered in England and Wales No 20060000

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