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High Speed Rail Consultation

High Speed RailThe following letter regarding the High Speed Rail Consultation was sent to the residents of the Curnock Estate.

A series of public information events are being held at locations along the proposed route.

The programme of these events can be found on this link.

Department for Transport

High Speed Rail Consultation

Enquiries, HS2 Ltd
55 Victoria Street
London SW1H OEU

T: 020 7944 4908

The Occupier
Camden Street

2nd March 2011

Dear Occupier

Re: High Speed Rail: Investing in Britain’s Future

I am writing to let you know that the public consultation on the Government’s proposed plans for the development of a national high speed rail network, and on the proposed route between London and the West Midlands, has now begun, and will run until Friday 29 July 2011.

You can view the consultation documentation online at Paper copies can be viewed at local libraries, the names of which are on the website or can be requested by contacting HS2 Ltd (details are at the top of this letter). Electronic and paper copies of the document can be ordered via the consultation website or by telephone on 0300 321 1010.

A series of public information events are being held at locations along the proposed route. I have enclosed a programme of these events, which will be an opportunity to view the proposals, including the detail as it would affect your area, and speak to the HS2 Ltd team and officials from the Department for Transport. If you are unable to attend an event, the exhibition material will be available on the consultation website after each one.

The Government is keen to hear your views and comments on the proposals. You can respond to the consultation by using the online facility at or by completing a response form, copies of which are available either at the public information events or by phoning 0300 321 1010. If you have any additional enquiries or comments, please contact HS2 Ltd; details are at the top of this letter.

If you are not the owner of the above property, I would be grateful if you would pass this letter on to your landlord or lessor. You are of course also welcome to respond to the consultation yourself.

This consultation exercise is one of the largest and most wide-ranging ever undertaken by Government and I encourage everyone with an interest to take part.

Yours faithfully

Secretary of State for Transport

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