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TRA Annual General Meeting & Elections

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DATE: Tuesday 29 March 2011

LOCATION: The Marr (the building in the middle of the estate, off the Bayham Street/Camden Street access road)

Refreshments from 7:00pm,
Meeting at 7:30pm,

Jackie Louis, LBC Project.Manager, to discuss issues with heating works
Karen Orr, LBC Tenant Participation Team

The following newsletter was delivered to flats by hand. To view the original document click here

21 March 2011

Dear Resident

I hope you are aware that the TRA is holding its AGM on Tuesday 29 March 2011 (see above).

Many residents have experienced unacceptable disruption to their heating and hot water service since Camden’s partnering contractors, Apollo, have been carrying out capital works for the heating distribution pipes across the estate. These problems have included loss of heating, loss of or reduced hot water service, noise in the heating pipes and non-functioning of the thermostatically controlled radiator valves.

The TRA takes the position that we, as residents, need to hold Camden accountable for these capital works. Jackie Louis, the Project Manager for Camden, will attend the AGM to respond to residents’ questions and comments about these works. There are many issues about these works including the loss of services (some planned but too many system failures), the poor communication between Camden, Apollo and residents, failure to correct problems promptly when they have occurred and the many ‘additional’ works that were not part of Apollo’s contract and which have never been consulted on with residents.

The AGM will use the first hour (7. 30-8. 30pm) to address the heating works. Around 8.30pm we will hold our elections. Karen Orr from the Tenants’ Participation Team will conduct the elections as an independent observer. After the elections we will finish the meeting by drawing up an action plan as to how to move forward in challenging Camden about the scope and costs of the heating works – and other issues that need to be dealt with.

I hope that many residents will attend this important meeting. I would like to ask those of you who have encountered problems with the heating works to bring a written copy of your experiences. When possible please include dates, reference numbers and outcomes of these problems. If you would like to contribute information but are unable to attend the meeting you can put your contribution through my letterbox. Please clearly state you name and address and if you would like feedback also a phone number and/or email address.

The TRA Committee has seen a decline in numbers over the past two years and is looking to recruit more members. We need a secretary to help with the general running of the TRA and several more block representatives. We would particularly welcome council tenants and younger members to the committee. Please feel free to contact me if you would like more information.


Susan Gorrie,
TRA Chair

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