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Heating Works & Noise (April 2011) – UPDATED 17-05-2011

Boiler NoiseThis is the fifth part of the story concerning the noise nuisance. The problem started on the 20th October 2010 and since then many things have changed.


Please read the latest updates below and the previous stories at the end of this entry.


On 18-04-2011 at 15:18, we wrote the following e-mail to Mr Richard Michael and Mr John Stow:

Dear Mr Michael,

Could you please provide us with an update concerning the heating works?

Yesterday there was a loud noise that was coming from the boiler room at 01:45am and again at 02:00am.

Could someone please check the boiler room as well as the valves inside the flats? Please have in mind that some residents have already removed the valves from the radiators!

Yours sincerely

On 18-04-2011 at 15:18, we received an out of office reply:

I am out of the office and will return on 26/04/11. Please call 02079742046 for any emergencies.

On 19-04-2011 at 09:31am, we wrote to Mr John Stow:

Dear Mr Stow,

This morning at 05:25am we experience the same loud noise from the boiler room. In Mr Michael’s abscent, would it be possible for someone else to provide us with an update as well as check the boiler room?

A draft calendar of the noise problem can be found at:

Looking forward for your reply.

Yours sincerely

On 17-05-2011 at 10:01am, we wrote to Mr Richard Michael:

Dear Mr Michael,

For the last 4 weeks we have a low pulsating noise during the night (between 00:00 and 06:00am). Also the last week we had a very high pitch noise as well. The high pitch noise lasted for about 15 mins at the time. Would it be possible for someone to check the boiler room and provide us with an update concenring the noise as well as the progress of the major works?

Finally I would like to know how many shower/bathrooms and toilets can be supported with the current heating system. At the moment there are 286 flats which means that there are approximately 286 bathrooms/shower rooms and 444 toilets on the whole estate.

Would the heating system be able to provide hot water with sufficient water pressure to 572 bathroom/shower rooms or even 858 bathrooms/shower rooms?

What would be the effect on the heating system performance as well as noise if there were 858 bathrooms or shower rooms with water pumps inside those shower rooms?

Kind Regards

On 17-05-2011 at 14:24am, Mr Richard Michael replied:

Dear Resident,

I have just spoken to Tony Bowcut regarding the boiler plant.

He has just been into the boiler house and there is no excessive noise at this moment.

He has been checking the plant every morning and also checking the BMS logs for anything out of the ordinary. There have been no plant failures or spikes in the graphs over the last four weeks.

No other complaints regarding noise have been received by Apollo on the estate in the last four weeks either.

The major works are still in progress and the delay in completion of the calorifiers was due to the upgraded tube bundles that have been made then shipped from Portugal.

They should be on site next week to allow the install to be completed. There is ventilation supply fan that is being replaced under warranty that is due back on 23/05.

The hot water distribution pipework is due for completion in July.

The boiler plant would have been sized for the existing number of flats heating and hot water requirements at the time of install (approx 20 years ago). This would go for all other works since such as plate heat exchangers, pumps etc.

The new distribution pipework on the heating and hot water is sized for the existing internal installations.

The hot water is gravity fed from the top of Mexborough and the pumps are merely for circulation so pressure would not be an issue as such but the pipework sizes would be.

Should additional bathrooms/shower rooms be installed in the numbers you are talking about above then the cold water storage cistern on the top of Mexborough would not keep pace should a large number of them be in use at the same time. This could lead to air being drawn into the system and airlocks. The calorifiers would not be able to keep up with demand and so the stored water temperature would also drop.

The toilets are not connected to the heating system.


Richard Michael
Mechanical Contract Manager

Telephone: 0207 974 2048


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