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Loss of Hot Water (1 Day) REF: 1210726/1 – UPDATED 26-08-2011

There is no hot water this morning on the Curnock Estate due to boilers failure yesterday 24-08-2011 at 08:30pm. There were two problems. One was the low gas pressure while the other is still unknown. The problem has been reported at 06:34am and the REF number is 1210723. More information below:


On 26-08-2011 at 06:34am, we sent the following e-mail to the repairs team:

Dear Sir/Madam,

There is no hot water on the Goldthorpe building again. I called your team today at 06:35am in order to be informed that Hot Water is NOT an emergency and that I will have to call again after 08:00am. They managed however to give me a reference number: 1210723

Could you please let me know about the following:

1) Since when the heating and hot water is NOT an emergency? Please have in mind that Leaseholders are forced to pay more than £10,000 for heating works this year and on top of that they do not have the right to have their own boilers.
2) When will you fix the hot water supply?
3) Finally have in mind that there was some noise from the boiler room around 05:00am

Looking forward for your answer as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely

On 26-08-2011 at 08:50am, we received the following e-mail:

From: Robinson, Roger (Councillor)
Sent: 25 August 2011 08:50
To: HousingRepairsInbox; ‘Miranda Martin’; Dilley, Stuart; ‘’
Cc:; Michael, Richard;
Subject: RE: No Hot Water — Goldthorpe, Curnock Estate REF: 1210723

Dear Stuart and Valdren

Please can this hot water be restored immediately with your help? Please can I be advised why Repairs Emergency did not come out last night apparently to restore it?


Roger Robinson Cllr

On 26-08-2011 at 14:07, Cllr Roger Robinson forward us the following e-mail:

From: O’Neill, Pat
Sent: 25 August 2011 12:11
To: Robinson, Roger (Councillor)
Cc: Rexha, Valdrin; Dilley, Stuart
Subject: RE: No Hot Water — Goldthorpe, Curnock Estate REF: 1210723

Dear Cllr Robinson

I am informed that service has been restored . I’m advised that the problem was caused by the gas boosters tripping due to low gas pressure . Valdrin will provide a more complete response


Pat O’Neill
Head of Service Delivery

Telephone: 020 7974 3264

On 26-08-2011 at 15:00, we sent the following e-mail:

From: CurnockEstate
Sent: 25 August 2011 15:00
To: O’Neill, Pat
Cc: Tony Bowcut;; Richard Michael; HousingRepairsInbox;; Robinson, Roger (Councillor); Dilley, Stuart; John Stow; Brayshaw, Peter (Councillor); Dean Samways; etsshiftleader; Fulbrook, Julian (Councillor); Jane Knight; Betts, Barry
Subject: Repairs Policy

Dear Mr O’Neil,

Today there is no hot water on the Curnock Estate and a total chaos and disorder in your department. I received a different answer from every single person (3 until now) I have talked to in your department.

1) The first employee (at 06:34am) informed me that hot water and heating are NO emergencies . He refused to raise a job but he gave a refeence number that subsequently was invalid (REF: 1210723).

2) The second employee (Asian guy) informed me that Apollo has to attend the failure of the boiler within 3 THREE working days . In this case, they might attend in the middle of next week. He raised a job number (141…) which subsequently could not be found!!

3) Adrian, the third employee from the Housing Repairs team informed me that the contractors might attend either within one day, or maybe three days or maybe something else. He also said that the e-mails to Housing Repairs Team are not received by his team who only receives phone calls. A different team receives the emails and he is not aware of what the other e-mail team does.

As a leaseholder I am forced to pay more than £1,000 per year for heating and Hot water as well as more than £10,000 for Heating Works. However since last December 2010 I did not had hot water and/or heating for 21 days .

Earlier today I have also received from Cllr Roger Robinson part of your policy (see attached email) regarding the repairs response time and I totally disagree with it. Three working days is not acceptable especially when people have to go to work or when the weather is very hot. Do you have a shower before you go to work? Can you go to work without a shower for three working days?

I want to know the following:

1) The previous policy stated 4 hours response time.
a) When did you changed the policy?
b) When did you inform the leaseholders?
c) Was there any consultation?
d) Who made that decision?
e) Does the service cost less now (i.e. less service charges)?

2) What is the compensation policy for the lack of hot water and heating? How many days of service does the expensive service charges cover? Please have in mind that in the last 12 months we did not have hot water for 21 days!!!

3) Who receives the e-mails on the “” email account? What are their responsibilities?

4) What is the connection between the above “HousingRepairsInbox” team and the “020 7974 4444” repairs team?

5) Where does the emergency repairs team fit on the above structure of teams and subteams?

I expect a full investigation and reply on this matter.

Yours quick response is appreciated.

Yours sincerely

On 26-08-2011 at 17:10, we received the following e-mail:

From: Tony Bowcut []
Sent: 25 August 2011 17:12
To: O’Neill, Pat; Alan Quinn
Cc:; Richard Michael; HousingRepairsInbox;; Robinson, Roger (Councillor); Dilley, Stuart; John Stow; Brayshaw, Peter (Councillor); Dean Samways; etsshiftleader; Fulbrook, Julian (Councillor); Jane Knight; Betts, Barry
Subject: Loss of hot water

Dear Resident,

After your email this morning, I went to the Curnock Street Estate to check on the problem with the hot water system as I am no longer based there full time, On arrival at around 8.30am I found that boiler No 3 had locked out at the boiler, This was then reset.

I then found that boilers No 1 and 2 had tripped out on the gas booster sets with low gas pressure, These were then reset the time was then 9.30am.

This means that the boilers tripped out at around 8.30pm on Wednesday night the cause was low incoming gas pressure and the boilers were reset and back on by 9.30am and then by 12.30pm the heat was recovering.

This has now happened a number of times since we have been on site and we have been informed by residents that this was happening before we started our works.

Regards Tony Bowcutt

Tony Bowcut
Project Manager

Apollo Property Services Group
Unit 3 Centric Close
off Oval Road

T: 0207 428 8830
F: 0207 485 1149

Apollo Property Services Group Limited, registered in England and Wales, registered number 1243933, registered office Conquest House, Church Street, Waltham Abbey, Essex EN9 1DX

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– The Repairs Time is SEVEN Working Days

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