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Boiler Noise – The Causes so far —-DRAFT—–

Year 2007

24-08-2007, Harry Yates: the system had become extensively air-locked which has had a detrimental effect on noise generation from the circulating pumps.

03-10-2007, Harry Yates: the noise was being generated by a shaft bearing on one of the primary circulating pumps, this pump has been taken out of service so the noise should have stopped

10-10-2007, Harry Yates: the bearings on one of the pumps were defective and making a noise the pumps were changed over and the noisy pump will be repaired in due course

19-10-2007, Harry Yates: I have requested that the contractors attend site, investigate and carry out remedial work as appropriate

Year 2008

06-04-2008, Harry Yayes: We will get a report from site and see what has been causing the increased noise levels and take the appropriate action.

19-12-2008, Harry Yates: a couple of problems with one boiler and two pumps remedial action continues to be carried out

Year 2009

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Year 2010

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Year 2011

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