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No Hot Water (1 Day) – REF: 1242183/1

No Hot WaterThere is no hot water on the Curnock Estate. The Emergency Repairs Team has been called at 06:35am and they informed us that the problem has been already reported.

Apollo Group engineers will visit the site later.





On 01st November 2011 at 06:50am we wrote:

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Subject: No Hot Water AGAIN

Dear Sir/Madam,

There is no Hot Water (06:00am) in the Goldthorpe Building , Curnock Estate. Would it be possible to fix the problem and provide us with a reference number?

Yours sincerely

On 01st November 2011 at 07:59am Repairs Team informed us:

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Date: 01 November 2011 at 07:59
Subject: RE: No Hot Water AGAIN

Dear Resident,

Apologies that you are once again without hot water. The reference for the order to Apollo is 1242183/1 .

If we can be of any further assistance please let us know. If you have any urgent requests please call Contact Camden on 0207 974 4444

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Yours sincerely

Contact Camden Processing Team

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On 01st November 2011 at 08:54am Cllr Roger Robinson wrote:

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Subject: FW: No Hot Water AGAIN

Dear Stuart

This situation re lack of hot water on the Curnock estate and in this case Goldthorpe block is really ludicrous and never seems capable of being resolved…..week after week, month after month- problems with lack of heating and hot water on this estate. The TRA have complained incessantly about it and so have the ward councillors but where are we?

Please can this be resolved urgently as winter is now upon us……???

The TRA rep is Susan Gorrie and the Goldthorpe resident who has complained about this so many times is Mr Xxxx- please can they be contacted and they be advised of what we are actually doing to resolve this ludicrous situation,?

Best wishes

(Roger Robinson Cllr)

On 02nd November 2011 at 08:52am Mr Richard Michael wrote:

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Subject: RE: RE: No Hot Water AGAIN

Dear Resident

I am sorry to hear that the hot water supply failed once again yesterday. I attended site yesterday evening and all of the plant was operating correctly and the hot water temperature was back up to within a few degrees of its set point (60C).

On interrogation of the building management system I found that something happened at approx midnight the night before which had caused the primary temperatures to fall and hence the secondary hot water service.

I spoke to Apollo’s senior contract manager about this and he has stated that he had a supervisor in the boiler house yesterday investigating the cause of the hot water failure.

I will be expecting an update on what was found from him when he has spoken to the supervisor in detail.

I have answered this on behalf of Mr Wheatman who would like any responses to go back to him.


Richard Michael
Mechanical Contract Manager

Telephone: 0207 974 2048

On 02nd November 2011 at 09:13am Cllr Roger Robinson wrote:

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Subject: RE: RE: No Hot Water AGAIN

This is getting ridiculous…….no hot water again as we approach the winter…….I must ask that Apollo be told very strongly that this has to be fixed and frankly I will be raising this saga- this messy saga- with Housing and Adult Social Care Scrutiny Committee at its next meeting.

Please can someone advised us when this incessant lack of hot water on the Curnock estate and in particular Goldthorpe is going to stop!!!!


Roger Robinson Cllr

On 02nd November 2011 at 10:41am we wrote:

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Subject: RE: RE: No Hot Water AGAIN

Dear Mr Michael,

Thank you for your quick email.

I would really appreciate if you could update all of us with the exact reasons for the last two hot water failures and the actions that your department will take in order to prevent the same faults in the future.

​The answers can be either send by you or Mr Wheatman but please have in mind that I am still waitng some answers from Mr Wheatman concerning my email on 18th and 26th October 2011 (……….).


Yours sincerely

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