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Faulty Lights – REF: 1269155/1 – FIXED

Faulty LightsTwo external and one internal light are faulty on the estate.

It has been reported to the Housing Repairs Team on the same day.


Read the updates below:


On 16-12-2011 at 11:10am we sent the following e-mail to the Housing Repairs Team:

Subject: Faulty Lights in Goldthorpe and Thurnscoe

Dear Sir or Madam,

There are three faulty lights on the Curnock Estate.

1) The first one is located outside the Goldthorpe building close to the rump in front of the flats 2 and 3. See image below.

Faulty Lights

2) The second light is located outside the Thurnscoe building close to the rump. See image below.

Faulty Lights

3) The third light is on the ceiling behind the main entrance door of Goldthorpe. This entrance is located between flats 3 and 21.

Could you please provide me with the reference numbers for the above repairs as well as the day that you will do the repairs?

Yours sincerely

On 20-12-2011 at 17:25 we received the following e-mail from the Housing Repairs Team:

Subject: RE: Faulty Lights in Goldthorpe and Thurnscoe

Dear Resident,

Thank you for your email dated 16 th December 2011.

I write to confirm that an order has been raised with respect to the faults with the communal lights below under works order reference 1269155/1.

This order has been raised with a 1 working day priority (target date: 21 st December 2011).

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Contact Camden

Telephone: 020 7974 4444

The light in front of Goldthorpe building has been fixed on 21-01-2012 at 09:30am

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