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Patrick O’Neil is Satisfied with the Service that We Receive

Patrick O Neil's satisfactionMr Patrick O’Neil, Head of Service Delivery, is satisfied with the service that we receive as residents even if we have not received any answers to the questions that we asked Mr Wheatman on the 30th January 2012.


Those questions were about the lack of hot water. More information below.


On 20-02-2012 at 08:21, Mr O’Neil, Head of Service Delivery, stated in his email that “… Mr Wheatman … made significant effort in trying to answer your numerous queries.”

He also stated that: “I am satisfied that significant effort has also been made by Mr Fox, Mr Rexha , Mr Michael and Mr Stow in responding to you”

Mr O’Neil was unable to tell us exactly how he reached this conclusion because Mr Stow and Mr Fox never sent us any emails.

We have never received answers to the following questions:

1) Is there a huge demand for hot water? If yes,
a) How big is that demand? Twice the capacity of the boiler’s capabilities? WHY?

2) Can pumps inside the properties contribute to the low pressure of the hot water? If yes, why does Camden Council allow those pumps?

3) What should be the temperature of the hot water supply to the outlet/tap within 1 minute after fully opening the outlet? Are there any standards or regulations such as HSE Document L8 about this? What are those documents/standards stating?

4) Could you please let us know why you decided to replace the pumps now and not earlier? Please have in mind that many pumps have been replaced or refurbished after we had suffered from noise problems for many months. Please remember that residents had serious health problems due to the noise nuisance.

5) Will the new pumps create more noise? If yes, how will you reduce the noise? if not, are they complete silent?

6) How much will the new works cost us?

7) Have the residents been consulted about those works and their cost? Do we have any say on this or do you have the right to spend our money at will?

Below you can read the email that we sent on the 20-02-2012 to Mr Fox and Mr Stow requesting to send us their alleged emails to us:

To: ,
Cc: , , , , , , , , , , Pat.O’ ,
Subject: Mr Fox’s and Mr Stow’s emails to residents

Dear Mr Fox and Mr Stow,

According to Patrick O’Neil, Head of the Service Delivery, you put a “… significant effort … in responding to me” and my “… numerous queries…” which I dared to asked as resident who does not have hot water for 49 days!!!!!

Could you please send me again your alleged correspondence (emails that you have sent personally to me regarding my questions about hot water in the last 60 days)?

Looking forward for your replies. No reply will mean that you have never sent me anything.

Yours sincerely

PS Your alleged correspondence will be copied to the rest of the residents.


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