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Hot Water Issues will be hopefully fixed by 12th April 2012

Hot Water Issues 28-02-2012The following anonymous letter was sent to the residents of the Curnock Estate.

Apollo states that the works will finish in the middle of APRIL 2012 subject to material delivery.

The original document can be found on this link.



Date: 28th February 2012

To All Residents

Curnock Street

Hot water Issues

We are aware of the ongoing concerns and issues with the hot water service.

LBC in conjunction with their partners Apollo, and specialist consultants have both researched the cause of these issues, and sought a long term and permanent solution.

Having completed a comprehensive investigation, LBC and Apollo have identified a solution that will rectify this unfortunate and ongoing problem.

1) Designs for the new system have been approved
2) The contractor carrying out the work has also been approved
3) The requisite materials have been ordered

Subject to material delivery we estimate that work will commence within 14 days of this letter (approx 12th April 2012)

The works will not cause any further disruption to your current hot water service and duration of works will be no more than four weeks from commencement (approx 12th April 2012).

LBC and Apollo would like to take this opportunity to thank ail residents for their fortitude and patience during this difficult period

Thank you for your co-operation.

Kindest Regards

Based on the above letter we requested the following (01-03-2012 at 00:05am):

Dear Mr Williams,

Under the Freedom of Information Act I will like to know the following concerning the attached letter from Apollo:

1) Who wrote that letter?
2) What are his/hers contact details?
3) Why did they not include their name, their address, their telephone number, their email or their webpage?
4) Could you please provide me with a copy of the designs of the new system that is mentioned in the letter?
5) Who is the approved contractor?
6) What were the criteria for choosing that contractor?
7) Who was in the group that approved those designs and the contractor?

8) Could you please provide the following information regarding the “requisite materials”?
a. A list of the materials
b. Quantities
c. Model numbers and serial numbers
d. Cost of each component
e. Labour cost (total and per hour)
f. Specifications for those materials
g. Manufacturer name and supplier’s name
h. Durability of those materials (i.e. Mean Time Between Failures)

9) Why did Apollo wrote the letter and not someone from the Camden Council?

Looking forward for your reply.

Yours sincerely

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