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Cost Of The First Components Plus Labour Cost

We informed today that the current cost for the first components that the Camden council ordered is £10,820.00 On top of this the Camden Council will pay £6,000 for labour cost. This does not include the NEW PLANT!!!Please read the details below:

Housing and adult social care
London Borough of Camden
38-50 Bidborough Street
London WC1H 9DB

Tel: 020 7974 4372 Fax 6472

Date: 08 March 2012

Your Reference:
Our Reference:
Enquiries to: Peter Williams

Freedom of Information Act 2000

Thank you for your request for information, received on 17 February 2012. You requested:

In the last few weeks the Curnock Estate has experienced loss of hot water and pressure. The Housing repairs team ordered some components in order to fix the problem. Amongst other they ordered and installed the following:

1) New valves
2) New boiler thermostats
3) New actuators
4) any other parts

I would like to know the following for all components ordered:

1) the cost of those components,

The cost of the components is £10820.00.

2) the manufacturer

The manufactures of the valves and actuators are Siemens and Danfoss.

3) the supplier,

The suppliers are AES energy for valves and actuators, and Wolseley for the boiler thermostats.

4) the model numbers,

The model numbers are: AME 85, AME 86, VKF41 and VXG41

5) the quantities,

The quantities ordered are: 3 x BEVs, 3x actuators, 3 x butterfly valves 2 x actuators for PHEs 3 x boiler thermostats.

6) the Life span of those parts according to the manufacturer, etc

With effective maintenance the life span of the parts will be equal to the lifespan of the plant (20-25 years).

7) Any other costs

The costs for labour will be £6000.00.

We hope that the information is useful to you.


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