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Works Have Started But ONLY Few Have Been Informed

Hot Water Problems

Camden Council has informed the residents of Mexborough, by a hand delivered letter, that the works for the hot water have started yesterday.

Camden Council did not think that it is necessary to inform the other residents!!

More information below.


On the 15-03-2012 at 06:48am we sent the following email:

Cc: , , , , , , O’Neill, Pat; , , , ,
Subject: RE: Curnock street Hot Water Issues

Dear Mr Wheatman,

Yesterday, the Camden Council has informed the residents of the Mexborough building that the “…works have started”.

What about the rest of the residents (i.e. 222 flats) on the other blocks?

An update regarding this “behaviour” as well as the works would be very much appreciated.

Please have in mind that: ” It is accepted that we (Camden Council) could have communicated better with residents by sending regular updates and we also acknowledge that the lack of information when calling “Contact Camden” did not reflect well on the service that they are striving to provide. “

The above paragraph is part of the response to my complaint (attached) which was upheld . Let’s see if the Camden Council can change and “communicate better”. I am looking forward for your reply but I won’t hold my breath.

Dear Councillors,

Could you please request the same information from other sources?

Yours sincerely


On the 15-03-2012 at 08:35am we received the following email:

Cc: , , , , , Pat.O’ , , , , , ,
Subject: RE: Curnock street Hot Water Issues

Dear Stuart

The hot water situation has been there on Curnock estate for far too long – I also want to know how long before all the estate flats have proper hot water and I support the concerns shown in the email below and also from many phone calls I have had from residents …..

Please- can we have a detailed programme for the works and a date for the completion of the works to restore proper hot water to the estate?

Many thanks as always

Roger Robinson Cllr


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