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Low Hot Water Temperatures (1 Day)

Low Hot Water Temperatures

The residents of the Curnock Estate are experiencing low hot water temperatures for the last few days again. The hot water temperature was 35.6 degrees of Celsius today (01-11-2012) which is far below the acceptable standards (50 degrees).

The original problem started on January 2012 and it lasted for 3.5 months before the Camden council managed to “fix” it. We have reported the problem and we are waiting for the Camden Council’s response.



On the 01-11-2012 at 10:16am we sent the following email:

To: Pat.O’ ,
Cc: , , , , ,
Subject: Hot Water Temperatures are LOW AGAIN

Dear Mr Wheatman,

The hot water temperatures is low again and not suitable for a proper bath. Today at 10am the temperature was 35.6 degrees Celcius which is 14.4 degrees less than the temperature (50 degreess) that you suppose to provide us.

At the same time Camden council insists that the 4 months of failures last January was just partial failures!!

Could you please let me know when you will fix the problem and the reasons for this continuous and unacceptable failures?

Yours sincerely,

CSE Group
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