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Letter From Mr Amran Ahmed About Waste Disposal

LetterAbout Waste Disposal from Mr Amran Ahmed Camden council has taken some measures against the mice and rats infestation on the estate but that was not very successful because some residents are still disposing their rubbish in an inappropriate manner.

The following letter from Mr Amran Ahmed, Estate Officer, is part of Camden Council’s efforts to reduce the infestation problems on the estate.

It will be sent to all the residents of the estate today. The original letter can be found on this link.

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Date: 17 June 2013

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Enquiries to: Amran Ahmed

Tenants and leaseholders of Curnock Street Estate


Re: Inappropriate disposal of household waste.

I am writing this letter to all the tenants and leaseholders of Curnock Street Estate. The purpose of this letter is to address the unacceptable manner in which some residents are disposing their household waste.

Some people are throwing their bin bags outside the bin rooms and next to the euro bins as opposed to placing it properly in the bins provided. This behaviour has very serious consequences on your environment. It poses a health risk of vermin infestation to you are your neighbours. It also makes your estate look very unsightly.

Some of your neighbours have complained about vermin infestation on the estate, disposing your household waste in the manner described above will only escalate the
problem and make our efforts to eradicate this infestation counter productive.

We have positioned an additional euro bin adjacent to Goldthorpe to help cope with capacity of residents using it, whilst the boiler replacement works are underway.

Please note that all your refuse should be securely put in black bags and placed in bin rooms, it should not be left outside the bins room or next to the euro bins. This is the acceptable way of disposing your rubbish.

It has also been brought to my attention that some leaseholders who let their properties are not providing their tenants with fob keys to access the bin room. Hence, they dump their rubbish outside the bin room. This is not an excuse to leave their rubbish outside as there are refuse areas that can also be used. Leaseholders have a responsibility to provide their tenants with fobs to access the bin room.

The whole estate should not need to put up with the behaviour of a handful that has little regard for their environment.

We will be monitoring the bin areas closely to identify perpetrators. I also ask that neighbours should consider reporting anyone seen disposing their household waste in an inappropriate manner.

You should not need to put your health at risk as a result of the actions of a handful that have little or no regard for their environment.

Note that any information received will be treated with confident and you can be
assured that appropriate action will be taken against perpetrators.
Should you need to discuss the content of this letter do not hesitate to call me on the above number.

Thank you

Yours Sincerely

Amran Ahmed
Estate Officer

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