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Loss of Hot Water UPDATE

Loss of Hot Water 21-08-2013 We have received the following updates from Cllr Roger Robinson and Mr Patrick O’Neil. Please see the emails below:

On the 21-08-2013 at 20:45, we received the following email:

To: CSE Group
Subject: RE: FW: Curnock St


No reason yet given. I will pursue this via the Housing and Adult Social Care Scrutiny Committee as I am very abgry at what has happened for the past 3 years on and off.


Cllr Roger Robinson

On the 21-08-2013 at 15:31, we sent the following email:

Subject: Re: FW: Curnock St

Dear Cllr Robinson,

Thank you very much for the update.

As far as I know there was a power failure last Sunday that might has contributed to the failures but it would be very interesting to find out the real reasons for the last failures. Especially after Apollo’s letter yesterday ( stating that they need to do an emergency de-scaling to the hot water. This was the same problem or excuse that Apollo was using last year during the 4 months failure.

Has Mr O’Neil or anybody else mentioned the reasons for the new hot water failure?

Many Thanks,

CSE Group

On the 21-08-2013 at 14:52, we received the following email:

To: Residents
Cc: ,
Subject: FW: Curnock St

Well, you can’t say we are not trying!! Here is a response from Head of Service Delivery re the missing hot water…let’s see what happens tomorrow (Thursday).

I am still seeking to get the Curnock hot water fiasco in the action programme for the Housing and Adult Social Care Committee as I want definite and tough solutions to make sure you all get hot water and heating as needed and wanted……enough of the farce!!


Cllr Roger Robinson

On the 21-08-2013 at 14:43, we received the following email:

From: O’Neill, Pat
To: Apak, Meric (Councillor); Fulbrook, Julian (Councillor); Robinson, Roger (Councillor)
Cc: Dilley, Stuart; Makinson, Rhys
Subject: Curnock St

I have had a robust discussion with our contractor and they are making every effort to get a temp solution in place asap

I have been given timescales of tomorrow for restoration of hot water service –but I would hope to improve on that

I will keep you advised

Pat O’Neill Dip Surv Dip B.S . C.S.R.T , MRICS
Head of Service Delivery
Repairs and Improvements
Housing and Adult Social Care
London Borough of Camden

Telephone: 020 7974 3264
Mobile: 07960 247 378
Fax: 020 7916 2010

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