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Lift Refurbishment Programme

Refurbishment Works to Lifts Sept 2013 The residents of Mexborough building has received the following information regarding the works for the refurbishment of the lift. The original document can be found on this link.

Mexborough House 1-66

September ’13

Dear Resident,

Further to our earlier correspondence and meetings regarding Camden Council’s strategy to bring their properties up to the ‘Better Homes’ standard, and to include your block in the lift refurbishment programme.

I am now writing to let you know that these works will commence on 14th October 2013.
We hope that you will find the information contained in this leaflet useful.

Why are we replacing the lift?

The lift in your block is old and in poor repair condition. In recent years it has been increasingly breaking down and it is becoming harder to repair it. It is now more cost effective to refurbish the lift, rather than keep on repairing it.

Who will be doing the work?

We have formed a partnership with Lakehouse Limited to carry out the lift works across Camden. Lakehouse Limited will be managing the lift works on behalf of Camden. They have appointed subcontractors Temple Lifts who will be carrying out the actual works.

Timing of the works and site set up

The refurbishment works are estimated to continue until the 10th February ’14. (Approximately 12 to 16 weeks per lift car). Where there are 2 lifts servicing the block we will start by replacing Lift 1 first, leaving the other lift in operation. Following completion of the 1st lift this will be put back into service before we start work on the second lift.

While works should take approximately 24 weeks, (for a 2 lift block) please be aware that work can sometimes take longer than predicted. If this happens we will let you know our revised expected completion date as soon as possible.

Before the work to the lift begins, contractors will put up hoarding around the lift entrance. All the works to the lift will be done within the lift shaft and the lift motor room.

These areas are dangerous and entrance is strictly prohibited.

During the works LES Lifts will need storage for materials and tools as close to the block as possible. At this stage we are not able to tell you where this will be or whether we will need to site a container near the block. Nearer to start of works you will get more information from Lakehouse which will include details of storage arrangements.


To keep the inconvenience to residents to a minimum during the lift refurbishment works we will be working on the lifts one at a time.

As we are only working on one lift at a time, residents will be able to use the other lift whilst works are being carried out. Any breakdowns will immediately be attended to as the contractor will be on site during the day. We will ensure the first lift is back in service before we start works on the second lift.

In order to minimise the inconvenience caused during the work, we suggest you do not order, purchase or dispose of any bulky items as the lift will be out of service and you will need to carry these items up or down the stairs.

Should you have any concerns, queries or require any help during these works, please do not hesitate to contact your Resident Liaison Officer Ray Davis on 0800 048 0123 / 0791 793 1506 as soon as possible.

Working hours

Our working hours will be 08:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday. If work is needed outside this time we will consult with you first. Very noisy works will be limited to between 09:00 – 16:00 where possible.

Other Information

All operatives working on site will be wearing high visibility vests as well as identification and should be easily identifiable. As mentioned before, most of the work is done within the lift shaft and motor room so you should not see the operatives very often.

The lift operatives working on the site have no reason to enter your property and you should not allow anyone access that does not have identification. If you are at all in doubt, please contact your RLO immediately.

About the new lift

We will be refurbishing the lifts across the borough to the same specification and standard which will make future maintenance and repairs cheaper and easier.

Generally the refurbished lift will incorporate the following:

• New drives and controls.
• New landing entrances and doors
• New landing call buttons and digital lift position indicators at all floors.
• Arrival gongs at all floors to indicate that the lift has arrived at the floor.

There will be a new lift car incorporating the following features:

• New car controls with tactile dot incorporated for the visually impaired.
• Voice prompts which will indicate door operations such as ‘Door Opening’, ‘Door Closing’ as well as floor numbers, lift direction and changes to lift normal service.
• Electronic detectors to reverse the door closing sequence without physical contact when there is an obstruction.
• Improved lift car lighting.
• Digital floor position indicators
• Lift car auto-diallers which offer two way voice communication to a rescue service at times of entrapment.
• Handrails where space permits
• Mirrors on rear lift car walls.

The original document can be found on this link.

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