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Starting A New TRA

Camden Council has sent this letter to all residents asking some questions regarding the Tenants and Residents Association.

London Borough of Camden
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curnocktra_logoDate: 28 September 2015

Your reference:
Our Reference: HASC/HM/CT/ASO

Dear Residents

RE: Starting up a Tenant and Residents Association

I am writing in response to my recent conversation with some of the residents of Curnock Street Estate. They have raised concerns about the following Anti-Social behaviour issues: using the communal stairs for smoking drugs, drinking, litter everywhere on the estate, drug dealers loitering around, rough sleepers and motorbike racing on the ramps. They are also concerned about rat/mice infestation, installation of CCTV; patrolling on the estate, trimming of rose bushes and so on.

As a result, a number of residents have asked if we could assist your estate with setting up a Tenant and Residents Association (TRA).

There are a whole host of benefits in getting together to make sure that you can talk to the council in a united voice, whether it is about the services that you are getting or to organise a fun event to get all your neighbours together.

What are the benefits of having a tenant and residents association?

• You can speak with the council with one voice
• You can apply for grants to improve your estate
• If you start a TRA we will provide training, grants to get a lap top and running costs of your TRA.
• Grants to help with organising a fun day or outing to the theatre or seaside.
• Be part of community conversations in issues relating to your estate or area.
• Be part of Camden’s decision making process
• Access to be part of the District Management Committee’s which is made up of residents with whom the council consults on issues relating to housing in your area.
• The DMC’s also manage the DMC fund and TRA’s can bid for this money for estate improvements or fun events.

Please don’t worry if you haven’t done it before, we will be there every step of the way with guidance and support. We offer free training in word, committee skills, excel, face painting and many more courses. All we want is your time to support you to have a say in how your home is run.

I am attaching a survey letter and would be grateful if you could fill in the attached survey and send it to back to us using the freepost envelope provided. Please note that the closing date for returning the survey to us is 20th October 2015

If you want to know more about tenant participation, please have a look at our website at:

Yours sincerely

Miss A Sonola
Housing Officer

The original letter with the questionnaire can be found here: Starting up a TRA

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